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Volume 33 (2014)

December 19, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 23 | PDF

December 5, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 22 | PDF

November 17, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 21 | PDF

November 3, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 20 | PDF

October 20, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 19 | PDF

October 6, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 18 web | PDF

September 22, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 17 | PDF

September 8, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 16 | PDF

August 11, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 15 | PDF

July 28, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 14 | PDF

July 14, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 13 | PDF

June 30, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 12

  • Prominent Social Scientists Named to National Science Board
  • Appropriations Bills Stalled Indefinitely
  • Senate and House Release Competing Higher Education Act Reauthorizations
  • Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Native American Languages
  • NSF Releases Toolkit Explaining Merit Review Process and Impact of Research Investments
  • USDA Research Advisory Board Seeks Social Science Representative
  • Public Comment Sought on Federal Statistical Policy Directive
  • Census Bureau Calls for Nominations for Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations
  • Nominations Solicited for National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • National Board for Education Sciences Discusses IES Funding Trends
  • NAS Releases Assessment of National Children’s Study 2014; NIH Director Puts Main Study on Hold
  • New DBASSE Board on Science Education Director Announced
  • CNSTAT Panel Publishes Report on “Civic Engagement and Social Cohesion”
  • NIH: Research on Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions
  • Briefing Explores the Role of Social Work in Integrated Primary Care

June 16, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 11

  • FY 2015 Senate Labor, HHS, Education Funding Bill Stalled
  • Agriculture Spending Bills Pass through Appropriations Committees in Both Chambers; Floor Consideration Begins
  • House Science Panel Looks at Reducing the Administrative Burden for Researchers
  • Eric Cantor, Social Science Critic, Defeated
  • Office of Justice Programs Requests Nominations for Advisory Board
  • 2014 DOD Minerva Awards Announced
  • President’s Bioethics Commission Meets on Ethical Implications of Neuroscience Advances
  • HIV/AIDS Research Portfolio Review Working Groups Submits Science Priorities Report to NIH Director
  • Strategies for Scientific Workforce Diversity
  • NIGMS Council Meets; Discusses Rebalancing the Institute’s Portfolio and Database Support and Management
  • Board on Science Education Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • Congressional Briefing on the Health Effects, Changing Patterns of Use and Societal Impact of Marijuana – June 19
  • National Academy of Sciences Holds Discussion on Integrated STEM Education
  • Yvonne Maddox Recognized for Contributions to NICHD; Shares Vision for NIMHD with Advisory Council
  • Department of Education Announces Two Applications for New Awards
  • PAA Briefing: The War on Poverty – 50 Years Later and the Battle Continues
  • New COSSA Member: West Virginia University

June 2, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 10

  • House Passes NSF, Census, NIJ Funding Bill for FY 2015
  • House Science Committee Passes FIRST Act; Seeks Cuts to SBE
  • “Operationalizing Culture” for Health Behavior and Social Sciences Research
  • National Advisory Mental Health Council Meets
  • AHRQ Releases Annual Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports
  • NCHS Releases Preliminary Birth Data for 2013
  • Office of Minority Health Funding Opportunities: Health Care Coverage, Minority Youth Violence, Youth Empowerment
  • Congressional Briefing on the War on Poverty: 50 Years Later – June 9
  • APSA Briefing Discusses the Science of Election Forecasting
  • AAPSS Briefing Addresses How Policy Should Respond to Mass Incarceration
  • New COSSA Member: Institute for Social Science Research

May 19, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 9

  • Social and Behavioral Science in the FY 2015 CJS Appropriations Bill
  • House Roundtable Examines Biomedical Innovation
  • CDC Director and Other HHS Agency Heads Face Senate Appropriations Panel
  • NIH Scientific Management Review Board to Examine Optimizing the Grant-Making Process
  • NCHS Releases Health, United States 2013
  • NCHS Board of Scientific Counselors Meets
  • National Climate Assessment Calls for Integration of Social Science to Tackle Climate Challenges
  • USDA Releases 2012 Census of Agriculture
  • National Commission on Forensic Science Holds Public Meeting
  • AAPSS Holds 2014 Moynihan Lecture with Joseph Stiglitz; Inducts Fellows
  • NIH Center for Scientific Review Announces Two New Competitions
  • Northwestern Discusses Research on Helping Low-Income Students Enter, Thrive, and Succeed in College

May 5, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 8

  • FY 2015 Appropriations Bills Begin Moving in the House
  • Senate Appropriations Committee Examines Federal Investment in Innovation
  • Secretary of Education Testifies on FY 2015 Education Budget
  • NSF Seeks Recommendations for Advisory Committee Membership
  • NSF Education and Human Resources Advisory Committee Meets
  • HHS Issues 2014 Update to the National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease
  • AAAS Holds Annual Forum on Science and Technology Policy
  • C-FARE Holds Briefing on Public Data and Big Data
  • Reminder: CNSF Capitol Hill Exhibition & Reception is May 7
  • IHDP to Close; Future Earth Takes its Place
  • ERS: Center for Behavioral Economics and Healthy Food Choice Research
  • NIH: Predoctoral Training in Biomedical Big Data Science
  • NIGMS: Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training
  • NIH: Healthy Habits: Timing for Developing Sustainable Healthy Behaviors in Children and Adolescents
  • AHRQ: Disseminating and Implementing Evidence from PCOR in Clinical Practice Using Mobile Health Technology
  • SRCD Briefing Discusses High Quality Preschool Expansion
  • COSSA Participates in DBASSE Advisory Committee Meeting

April 21, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 7

  • Senators Urge $7.5 Billion for NSF in FY 2015
  • House Appropriations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Agricultural Research
  • Kaplan to Leave OBSSR for AHRQ; Riley of NCI to Serve as Acting Director
  • Scientific Advisory Committee Discusses Progress in Planning 2020 Decennial Census
  • Social and Behavioral Scientists among Presidential Early Career Award Recipients
  • Cynthia Clark to Retire as NASS Administrator
  • New NCHS Estimates on Problems Paying Medical Bills
  • CNSF Capitol Hill Exhibition & Reception – May 7
  • DBASSE Lecture, 21st Century Inequality: Does Discrimination Still Matter? – April 29
  • DBASSE Seeks Director for Board on Human-Systems Integration
  • IES Releases FY 2015 Funding Announcements for Education Research
  • NIJ Releases New Solicitation for Social Science Research on Implementation, Dissemination, and Translation
  • NIJ Releases Dear Colleague Letter on Comprehensive School Safety Initiative
  • AAPSS Lecture: Inequality in America: A Policy Agenda for a Stronger Future – May 8
  • COSSA Weighs in on Ongoing FIRST Act Debate

April 7, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 6

  • COSSA’s Analysis of the President’s FY 2015 Budget Request for Social and Behavioral Science
  • Obama Science Advisor, Science Committee Members Defend Social and Behavioral Science at House Hearing
  • NIH Officials Testify Before House Appropriations Subcommittee; Social and Behavioral Science Research Discussed
  • Senator Harkin Chairs Last NIH Hearing; Laments the Agency’s Funding Status
  • More than 130 House Members Request $7.5 Billion for NSF in FY 2015
  • France Cordova Sworn in as NSF Director; Next SBE Assistant Director Named
  • AAAS Congressional Briefing: R&D Spending in the FY 2015 Budget Request
  • NSF Issues Dear Colleague on Youth Violence Research

March 10, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 5

  • President Releases Preliminary Details of FY 2015 Budget Request
  • House Science Committee Leaders Introduce Competing NSF Authorization Bills
  • NSTC’s Neuroscience Working Group Releases Priorities for Accelerating Neuroscience Research
  • NSF Releases S&E Indicators 2014 State Data Tool
  • OBSSR Conference Held on Complex Systems, Health Disparities & Population Health: Building Bridges
  • NCHS Finds Significant Drop in Obesity Rate for Young Children
  • AHRQ Data Demonstrates Regional Variation in Emergency Room Use
  • Congressional Briefing on the Connection between Criminology, Research and Public Policy – March 24
  • Advocates Urge Adequate Funding for BLS

February 24, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 4

  • Senate Appropriations Subcommittees Set Deadlines for Submitting Testimony
  • National Science Board Briefs Congress on 2014 Science and Engineering Indicators
  • Senate Homeland Security Committee Discusses Preparing for Extreme Weather Events
  • Congressman Rush Holt, Leading Voice on Higher Education and Research, Announces Retirement
  • Mikulski Visits NIH
  • NCS Advisory Committee Discusses Study’s Framework
  • NIH Council of Councils Meets: Discusses Possible New Common Fund Initiatives, Science Education Partner Awards
  • AHRQ Seeks Public Comment on Cost Reporting in Health
  • NCHS Releases Summary of 2012 National Health Interview Survey
  • Registration Open for May CNSF Hill Exhibition
  • NRC Workshop Tackles Returning Results of Genomic Research for NCHS
  • NIH: Research on Comparative Effectiveness and Implementation of HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Interventions
  • NIH: Empirical Research on Ethical Issues Related to Central IRBs and Consent for Research Using Clinical Records and Data
  • NIJ: Proposals Solicited for Research on Gangs, Children Exposed to Violence, Elder Exploitation and Policing
  • NIJ: New Solicitation for Proposals for Comprehensive School Safety Initiative
  • Acting NIJ Director Addresses ACJS Conference

February 10, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 3

  • House and Senate Education Committees Hold Hearings on Early Childhood Education
  • President’s FY 2015 Budget Request Delayed until March
  • National Science Board Releases 2014 Science & Engineering Indicators
  • Institute for Education Science’s Oversight Board Meets
  • NIH’s First Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity Announced
  • NIH Director Discusses Budgets, Scientific Breakthroughs and Reproducibility with Council of Councils
  • Renewal of Science of Behavior Change Common Fund Initiative Discussed at NIH Council of Councils Meeting
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Requests Nominations for Academic Research Council
  • NRC Panel Discusses Implications of New Common Rule Consensus Study
  • Friends of AHRQ Celebrates the Agency’s 15th Anniversary
  • Science and Human Rights Coalition Focuses on Disability Rights
  • Brookings Forum Evaluates the Safety Net during the Recession
  • Senator Warren Named Fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
  • COSSA Thanks Appropriators for BEA Funding

January 27, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 2

  • Analysis of the FY 2014 Omnibus & Implications for Social and Behavioral Science
  • Consolidated Appropriations Act Mandates Open Access for HHS and Education Agencies
  • Homeland Security Committee Examines Conference and Travel Expenses
  • Joint Economic Committee Holds Hearing on Income Inequality
  • Senate HELP Committee Holds Hearing on TRIO and GEAR UP Programs
  • NIH National Children’s Study Issues Request for Information
  • OSTP Seeks Input on “Pull Mechanisms” for Technologies that Improve Learning Outcomes
  • New NCHS Reports on Asian Population Health and Use of Infertility Services
  • Save the Date: CNSF Capitol Hill Exhibition & Reception is May 7
  • NIH: Substance Use and Abuse, Risky Decision Making and HIV/AIDS
  • LSA Releases First State of Linguistics in Higher Education Report
  • C-FARE Highlights the Importance of Fruit and Vegetable Market Data
  • COSSA Joins COPAFS on Letter in Support of Business Data Compatibility
  • COSSA and APSA Weigh in on Successful Efforts to Protect Political Science Funding

January 13, 2014, Volume 33 Issue 1

  • From the Director
  • Congress Nears Final Resolution on FY 2014 Appropriations; Preview of Second Session Activities
  • Philip E. Bourne Named NIH Associate Director for Data Science
  • Departments of Justice and Commerce Announce Appointees to National Commission on Forensic Science
  • NIH SMRB Approves Draft Report on Approaches to Assess the Value of Biomedical Research Supported by NIH
  • NIH SMRB to Address Ways to Optimize STEM Programs and Initiatives
  • NCHS Releases Data on Youth Physical Activity from First Assessment in 20 Years
  • NRC Releases Report on Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule for the Protection of Human Subjects in the Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • IOM Workshop Assesses State of Obesity Solutions
  • Cato Institute Discusses the Research on Preschool Education
  • AERA Grants Program Accepting Proposals
  • Using Social Media to Understand and Address Substance Use and Addiction
  • National Institute of Justice Seeks Proposals in Policing and Crime Research
  • NASW/CSEW Briefing on Understanding the Intersection of Poverty, Child Abuse and Neglect*


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