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Volume 32 (2013)

December 23, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 22

  • Wendy Naus Named New COSSA Executive Director
  • Farewell and Thanks
  • Budget Agreement Reached, Congress Moves Next to Complete Spending Bills
  • Congressman Frank Wolf, Head of Important Appropriations Panel, Announces Retirement
  • NIH Advisory Committee to the Director Hears About Diversity and Peer Review
  • Charles Rothwell Named Permanent Director for NCHS
  • New from NCHS: Health Insurance Coverage Estimates, First Results of Long-Term Care Survey, and Two Data Briefs
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse Presents the 2013 Monitoring the Future Survey
  • APSA Task Force Report Discusses Negotiating Agreement in Politics
  • NASW Briefing on Understanding the Intersection of Poverty, Child Abuse and Neglect
  • AAAS DoSER Lecture Questions the Science/Religion Divide
  • Anthropology Association Rejoins COSSA
  • Editor’s Note

December 9, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 21

  • NSF Adopts Portfolio Framework to Ensure Transparency and Accountability
  • Sen. Alexander and Rep. Holt Honored at Launch of Phi Beta Kappa’s Arts and Sciences Initiative
  • Two New NCHS Data Briefs: Pregnancy Rates and Use of Psychotropic Medication
  • AAAS Celebrates On-Call Scientist Program in Honor of Human Rights Day
  • Academies Report Considers Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change
  • Hamilton Project Focuses on Supporting America’s Lower-Middle-Class Families
  • National Academies Roundtable on Crime Trends Seeks Reasons for Crime Decrease
  • NSF Seeks Proposals for New Methodologies of Evaluation

November 25, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 20

  • NSF Reauthorization: A Discussion Draft and a Set of Hearings
  • Senate HELP Panel Examines Ensuring Access to Higher Education by Simplifying Federal Student Aid
  • Dying Young: Why Your Social and Economic Status May Be a Death Sentence in America
  • AHRQ Director Proposes New Agency Priorities
  • NIAMS Seeks Comments on its Long-Range Plan for FY 2015- 2019
  • NDD Report Focuses on Harmful Effects of Budget Cuts
  • BECS Meeting Focuses on Implementing the Climate Action Plan
  • Briefing Shares the Work of CDC’s REACH Grants
  • Modeling Social Behavior – Funding Opportunity

November 12, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 19

  • COSSA Holds Colloquium: Warren Pledges Support, Marrett Announces Political Science Changes, Silver Reflects on 30 Years at COSSA
  • Colloquium: Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Social and Behavioral Research is a Key Part of Finding the Answers” to Many Questions Facing America
  • Colloquium: Marrett Explains Challenges for NSF and a Resumption of the Political Science Program’s Proposal Review
  • Colloquium: Silver Reviews Thirty Year Career at COSSA
  • Colloquium: Lawrence Tabak: Challenges for NIH
  • Colloquium: Changes at Census
  • Colloquium: America’s Political Institutions in Trouble
  • Colloquium: How We Live Now: Societal Changes
  • Colloquium: Changes Regarding Race in America
  • Colloquium: The Press and Social Science
  • NSF Announces Policy Regarding Political Science Program
  • George F. Koob Named Director of NIAAA
  • Senate HELP Committee Holds Hearing on “Attaining a Quality Degree: Innovations to Improve Student Success”
  • The Nation’s Report Card: 2013 Mathematics and Reading, Grades 4 and 8
  • NCHS Releases Interactive Health, U.S. 2012 Website

October 21, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 18

  • Still Time to Register for the COSSA Colloquium
  • Government Reopens: Congress Continues to Seek Budget Solutions
  • NSF Back in Business: Marrett Decries Funding Lapse
  • NIH Works to Deal with Backlog Due to Shutdown
  • NCHS Is Back: New Data on Obesity Prevalence
  • DBASSE Convenes Policy Roundtable of the Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • DBASSE Committee on Population Meets; Discusses Current Studies
  • Too Much Evidence to Ignore: New Findings on the Impact of Quality Preschool at Scale
  • APHA Holds Briefing on Disabilities Treaty
  • PCORI Launches Community-building “Pipeline to Proposal” Awards
  • Call for Proposals on the Effectiveness of Torture Prevention
  • COSSA’s New Staff Member

October 7, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 17

  • Register Now for the 2013 COSSA Colloquium: November 4 and 5
  • Congressional Briefing: What’s Ailing America? Shorter Lives, Poorer Health
  • National Academies Workshop Explores Earth at 10 Billion People
  • AAPOR Report Examines Polling and Democracy
  • Vera Institute Releases Report on Effect of Stop and Frisk Police Tactics on Young People in New York City
  • Research on the Health Determinants and Consequences of Violence and its Prevention, Particularly Firearm Violence: Applications Wanted
  • Center for Evaluation and Coordination of Training and Research in Tobacco Regulatory Science
  • Doris Duke Fellowships for the Promotion of Child Well-Being Invite Applications
  • IHDP Urbanization Project Seeks Conference Proposals

September 23, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 16

  • Marrett, Tabak, and Thompson to Speak at COSSA Colloquium
  • Senate Panel Questions Nominees to OSTP and NOAA
  • Scientific Solutions to Meth Addiction Discussed at House Hearing; Smith and Lipinski Note Role of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • House Oversight Holds Hearing on 2020 Census
  • NSF and NEH Continue Support for Documenting Endangered Languages
  • Enhancing Reproducibility and Transparency of Research Findings
  • Jon R. Lorsch Presides Over 153rd Meeting of National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council
  • NICHD Begins to Implement Vision
  • Alvin Roth Receives Golden Goose Award
  • AAU Issues Statement of Support for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • IOM and NAS Release Workshop Summary on Incarceration and Health
  • NSF Seeking Nominations for Waterman Award
  • Applications Wanted for NCHS/AcademyHealth Health Policy Fellowship

September 9, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 15

  • Registration Now Open for COSSA Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Science and Public Policy: November 4 and 5, 2013
  • Congress Returns: Debate over Syria Postpones FY 2014 Spending Decisions
  • Joanne Tornow Now Acting AD for SBE
  • Richard Kronick, Political Scientist, Appointed New AHRQ Director
  • COSSA Executive Director Receives APSA’s Frank Goodnow Award
  • Steven Rathgeb Smith new APSA Executive Director
  • Proceedings of NAS Workshop on the National Children’s Study Released
  • Gallup, PDK Poll the Public’s Attitudes toward the Public Schools
  • NCHS Roundup: Linked Mortality Files, Prescription Sleep Aids, Alcohol-Related Emergency Room Visits, Birth Data, and Family Planning
  • NSF and NOAA Provide Opportunity for Social and Behavioral Scientists
  • NSF Seeks Proposals for Innovation Corps Program

August 5, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 14

  • In This Issue
  • COSSA Seeks New Executive Director
  • France Cordova Nominated as Next NSF Director
  • NSF Political Science Program Cancels Proposal Target Dates for Rest of 2013
  • NIH 101: Former NIH OER Director Wendy Baldwin Provides Briefing to Congressional Staff
  • Congress Leaves for August Recess: Appropriations System in “Total Chaos”
  • Senate Confirms Thompson as New Census Director
  • OMB Suggests Agencies Learn How to “Harness” Research Findings from the Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Senate Commerce Committee Wants Study of Video Games and Programming
  • Members of Congress Tell NIH Director to Continue Funding of Social, Behavioral and Economics Research
  • Representatives Request GAO Study of Gender Bias in STEM Fields
  • CDC Reports on Firearm Homicides and Suicides in Metropolitan Areas
  • IOM Presents Webinar on UN Post-2015 Development Report
  • Child Marriage Subject of UNFPA Briefing
  • Clinical Trial of a Multifactorial Fall Injury Prevention Strategy in Older Persons
  • Short Courses on Innovative Methodologies in the Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Editor’s Note

July 22, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 13

  • Save the Date
  • FY 2014 Funding Recommendations Emerge from Appropriations Committees for NSF, Census, NIH, and Other Agencies
  • FY 2014 Appropriations: National Science Foundation Receives Increase from Both Committees
  • FY 2014 Appropriations: NIJ and BJS
  • FY 2014 Appropriations: BEA and Census
  • FY 2014 Appropriations: Senate Bill Provides $31 Billion to NIH
  • FY 2014 Appropriations: International Education Up; Special Education Research Boosted
  • FY 2014 Appropriations: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Census Nominee Faces Friendly Committee
  • NSF Updates Impact of Sequestration
  • NIH Releases Annual Report on Well-Being of Nation’s Children and Youth
  • The CTSA Program at NIH: Opportunities for Advancing Clinical and Translational Research – IOM Report Makes Recommendations
  • USDA to Establish Regional Climate Hubs
  • New NCHS Data on Racial Disparities in Life Expectancy
  • Briefing Looks at Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Science and Human Rights Coalition Meets on Right to Benefit from Scientific Progress
  • Daniel Kahneman Adds Inaugural SAGE-CASBS Award to his Prize Collection
  • Applications Wanted for Secondary Analyses of Alcohol and Chronic Disease
  • Implications of New Digital Media Use for Underage Drinking-Related Behaviors and Prevention Research
  • High Priority Behavioral and Social Research Networks

July 8, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 12

  • FY 2014 Appropriations Process Moves Forward
  • Agriculture Bills Reflect House-Senate Differences
  • NSF Publishes FY 2013 Current Plan Numbers
  • SMRB Assesses the Value of Biomedical Research; Gets New Charge
  • Sound Science Integral to Obama’s Climate Plan
  • President Nominates Katherine O’Regan to lead HUD’s Policy and Research Office
  • Howard Shelanski New Head of OIRA
  • Results of “The Nation’s Report Card” Released for 2012
  • NAS Committee on Law and Justice Holds Roundtable on Crime Trends
  • Webinar Focuses on Native American Male Health Disparities
  • Hamilton Project Hosts Forum on Economic Mobility and Expanding College Opportunity
  • American Evaluation Association Joins COSSA

June 24, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 11

  • NIH: Exploring New Approaches to Optimizing Peer Review
  • Labor Markets after the Great Recession
  • COSSA Congressional Briefing Discusses Aging in Rural America
  • National Academies Committee on Law and Justice Forum on Reforming Juvenile Justice
  • NAS Committee on Law and Justice Holds Seminar on Cannabis: Legal and Policy Questions and Research Opportunities
  • Congressional Neuroscience Caucus Briefing on Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies for Brain Research
  • Arts and Sciences Academy Produces Report on Humanities and Social Sciences
  • NSF Wants Proposals Assessing Impacts of Changes in Federal Science Policy
  • Strategies for Building a Diverse Scientific Workforce: A Congressional Briefing

June 10, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 10

  • Save the Date: COSSA Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Science and Public Policy, November 4-5, 2013, Washington, DC
  • Silver to Leave COSSA at End of 2013
  • NSF Issues Statement on Implementing the Coburn Amendment
  • NCHS Releases Annual Health, United States Report
  • IOM/NRC Committee Reports on Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence
  • NRC Workshop Evaluates the Risks of Natural Gas Fracking
  • Congressional Briefing Discusses Research to Improve Math and Science Scores

May 28, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 9

  • Attacking and Defending Science: It’s Been a Busy Month
  • FY 2014 Appropriations Process Begins: House and Senate on Different Paths
  • NIH Appears Before Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services to Discuss FY 2014 Budget
  • SBE Advisory Committee Meets; Youth Violence, Future of Surveys, and Science of Learning Discussed
  • NORC President John Thompson Nominated to Lead Census Bureau
  • Administration Issues Open Data Policy
  • NCHS Board of Scientific Counselors Meets
  • New NCHS Reports: Health Behavior of Adults and Teen Birth Rates
  • AHRQ Releases 2012 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports
  • Congressional Briefing on Social Science Research on Disasters
  • IOM and NRC Panel Meets to Help Set an Agenda for Public Health Research on Firearm-Related Violence
  • William Julius Wilson, Harvard Scholar and Former COSSA President, Awarded Moynihan Prize
  • Commerce Secretary Blank Helps IWPR Celebrate 25th Anniversary
  • Coalition for National Science Funding Holds Annual Exhibition: Social/Behavioral Sciences Well Represented

May 13, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 8

  • Proposed FY 2014 Budgets for Social and Behavioral Science

April 15, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 7

  • President Obama Releases FY 2014 Budget
  • Coburn Fallout and the Troubles Ahead
  • Capitol Hill Briefing Discusses the Contributions of Economics Research to Health
  • Assessing the Value of Research in Advancing National Goals
  • BBCSS Workshop Explores Next Generation of Individual and Group Assessment
  • Two New NCHS Data Reports: Premarital Cohabitation and Prescription Drug Costs
  • COSSA Joins the April 8th Rally for Medical Research: “More Progress, More Hope, More Life”
  • Research on Comparative Effectiveness and Implementation of HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Interventions
  • Applications Wanted for Alcohol Use Disorders: Treatment, Services, and Recovery Research
  • Innovation Research Methods: Prevention and Management of Symptoms in Chronic Illness
  • NIDA Mentored Clinical Scientists Development Program Award in Drug Abuse and Addiction
  • Addressing Health Disparities in NIDDK Diseases: Applications Wanted
  • Drug Abuse Dissertation Research Awards Available
  • Editor’s Note

March 25, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 6

  • Coburn Amendment Restricts NSF Political Science Funding
  • Congress Completes FY 2013 Appropriations Process
  • NSF Director’s Farewell Appearance with Congress
  • Causes and Correlates of Youth Violence Discussed at CJS Hearing
  • COSSA Testifies to House CJS Appropriations Panel
  • COSSA-Led Collaborative Releases Enhancing Diversity Report
  • Changes to the Common Rule: The Implications for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • NSF Seeks Proposals on Use and Functioning of the Civil Justice System
  • COSSA Joins More Than 150 Organizations to “Rally for Medical Research” on April 8th in Washington
  • NIH Office of Disease Prevention Seeks Input on Strategic Plan
  • OppNet Seeks Revision Applications for Basic Social and Behavioral Research on Social, Cultural, Biological, and Psychological Mechanisms of Stigma
  • Home and Family Based Approaches for the Prevention and Management of Overweight or Obesity in Early Childhood

March 11, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 5

  • House Passes FY 2013 Appropriations Bill to Keep Government Open Past March 27; Senate Action This Week
  • Duplication, Sequestration Main Themes of Appropriations Hearing with Public Health Research Agencies
  • House Panels Hold Hearing on Cybersecurity; Hear About Importance of Human Behavior Research
  • Ed Sondik to Leave NCHS
  • AHRQ Report Identifies 22 Ways to Make Health Care Safer
  • NSF Seeks Proposals to Transform Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
  • Board on Environmental Change Discusses Climate Change Adaptation
  • Social Workers’ Group Has New Leader
  • DBASSE Has Two New Committee Directors
  • Hamilton Project Suggests Rethinking the Federal Budget
  • OPPNet — Short-Term Mentored Career Enhancement Award: Cross-Training at the Intersection of Animal Models and Human Investigation
  • 2013 NIMHD Translational Health Disparities Course: August 5 – 16, 2013
  • Planning Grants for the New NIH BUILD and NRMN Initiatives
  • NIH Director’s Biomedical Research Workforce Innovation Award: Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST)

February 25, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 4

  • And So It Comes to This Once More: Sequester on the Immediate Horizon
  • SBE Prepares Report for Rep. Wolf on Youth Violence
  • Administration Issues Open Access Policy Statement
  • More Newcomers for the Second Term
  • IES Oversight Board Meets
  • EPA Solicits Nomination for its Board of Scientific Counselors
  • HUD Requests Input on American Housing Survey Redesign
  • New NCHS Data on Pharmaceutical Overdoses, Contraception, Nutrition
  • American Community Survey Data Users Group Organized
  • National Humanities Alliance to Hear Senators Durbin and Warren at Annual Meeting
  • Interventions for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Native American Populations
  • RFI: Implementation Plans for NIH ACD Biomedical Research Workforce Working Group’s Recommendations
  • NIA Seeks Applications to Explain Regional and International Differences in Health and Longevity at Older Ages
  • NIAAA Seeks Research on Alcohol and HIV/AIDS

February 11, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 3

  • House Majority Leader Questions Federal Funding of Social Science Research
  • NSF Director Suresh Steps Down; Will Become President of Carnegie Mellon
  • Carolyn Clancy Leaving AHRQ
  • National Climate Assessment Draft Open for Public Comment
  • Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Calls for More Language and Cultural Training
  • Healthy People 2020 Reviews Cancer and Genomics Progress
  • AHRQ Report Shares Lessons on Advancing Patient-Centered Care through Health IT
  • PCORI Governing Board Discusses Priority Setting for Patient Oriented Research
  • NIJ Seeks Proposals for Research on Firearms and Violence
  • William Julius Wilson Announced as Recipient of Moynihan Prize
  • Sheldon Danziger Named New President of Russell Sage Foundation
  • Sequester Looms Larger; NDD Coalition Assesses Current Fiscal Deal
  • PAA Holds Congressional Briefing on Immigration
  • AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition Discusses Children’s Rights
  • NSF, NEH, IMLS Join International Partners to Fund Another Round of Digging Into Data Challenge
  • NSF Solicits Applications for Building Community and Capacity for Data-Intensive Research in the SBE Sciences
  • Proposals Designed to Examine School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies, Obesogenic Behaviors, and Weight Outcomes Wanted
  • Policy Fellowship Opportunity at Human Research Protections’ Office
  • AERA Solicits Applications for Institute on Statistical Analysis
  • SAGE Makes Open Access Publications More Available to Social Science and Humanities Scholars

January 28, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 2

  • Fiscal Trifecta Very Much in Play
  • Collins Discusses Impact of FY 2013 Budget Process on NIH
  • NIH SMRB Begin Discussion of the Value of Biomedical Research
  • NICHD Holds 149th Advisory Committee Meeting
  • BBCSS Considers Revisions to the Common Rule for Social and Behavioral Science Research
  • EDM Forum & AHRQ Launch New Journal, eGEMs
  • Brookings Foreign Policy Scholars Advise on “Big Bets and Black Swans

January 14, 2013, Volume 32 Issue 1

  • Welcome to 2013
  • The New Congress Continues to Organize
  • Positions Filled in the Executive Branch
  • NIH Data and Information Implementation Plan
  • Overall Success Rate for NIH Research Grant Remains Static
  • Justice Office Scientific Advisory Board Meets
  • NSF to Alter Research Reporting Requirements
  • DBASSE Holds Planning Meeting on Science of Team Science
  • NAS Holds Workshop on the Design of the National Children’s Study
  • Shorter Lives, Poorer Health: U.S. Losing Ground in the Control of Diseases, Injuries, and Other Sources of Morbidity
  • PCAST Releases Agricultural Preparedness Report
  • NIH Seeks Applications for Exploratory/Developmental Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health
  • FDA Offers Fellowships to Work on Tobacco Regulation


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