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Volume 31 (2012)

December 10, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 22

  • COSSA Holds Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy
  • Colloquium: Ornstein Assesses the Election Results
  • Colloquium: The Use and Non-Use of Social/Behavioral Science Research: An NRC Report and a Panel of Examples
  • Colloquium: Advancing Behavioral and Social Sciences to Meet the Challenges of Obesity and Diabetes
  • Colloquium: Federal Funding for the Social/Behavioral Sciences: The Dangers Ahead
  • Colloquium: Interdisciplinary Research and the Role of the Disciplines
  • Colloquium: Broadening Participation in Science in a Diverse America
  • Colloquium: The Future of Work
  • Colloquium: Maximizing Data Opportunities in Child Development and Education
  • New Congress Starts Organizing: Lamar Smith to Chair SST; Lowey Wins Ranking on Appropriations
  • NICHD Releases “Scientific Vision: The Next Decade”
  • NIH Announces Implementation Plans of the Workforce/Diversity ACD Working Groups Recommendations
  • Richard Nakamura Named Director of the Center for Scientific Review
  • PCORI Adopts Revised Methodology Standards
  • NCHS Launches Interactive Website for Health, United States
  • Sen. Murray Emphasizes the Importance of Non-Defense Programs amidst Budget Negotiations
  • Brookings Panel Discusses Poverty Policy in the Next Four Years
  • COSSA Elects James Jackson as its Next President; Five to Join Board of Directors
  • NSF Celebrates Graduate Research Fellow Program’s 60th Anniversary; Announces New International Component
  • SBE, EHR to Sponsor Research on the Science of Broadening Participation
  • Editor’s Note

November 19, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 21

  • Last Chance to Register for COSSA Colloquium
  • Election 2012: Key Leaders Remain, but Changes Will Affect Administration and Congressional Panels
  • NIH Announces Functional, Not Structural, Integration of NIDA and NIAAA
  • SBE Advisory Committee Meets: Hears from Suresh and Marrett; Discusses Initiatives
  • NSF Announces Search for New Leader for SBE
  • NCHS Releases Brief on Calories from Alcohol
  • NAS Releases Juvenile Justice Reform Report
  • Environmental Change Board at NAS Reports on the Security Implications of Climate Change
  • NAS Report Explores Macroeconomic Impact of Aging
  • UNFPA Report Advocates Family Planning as a Human Right
  • NSF Solicits Proposals for National Robotics Initiative: Includes SBE Research
  • NIMHD Seeks Applications for Transdisciplinary Collaborative Centers
  • NSF Summer Research Opportunities in Asia and the Pacific

November 5, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 20

  • COSSA Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy, November 29 and 30
  • NRC Releases Report on Science Evidence and Public Policy
  • Former Representative Baird Addresses DBASSE Advisory Committee
  • Census Bureau Appoints New Advisory Committee
  • IOM Workshop Summary: Reducing Tobacco-Related Cancer Incidence and Mortality
  • SBE and NIJ Formalize Collaboration
  • NSF’s SBE Directorate to Participate in International Social Science Funding Collaboration
  • Siddle Walker Delivers AERA Brown Lecture
  • Conference Discusses Evaluating Educator Effectiveness
  • NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Post- Doctoral Fellowship Opportunity
  • Education Department Offers Summer Seminar in China
  • NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health

October 22, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 19

  • COSSA Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy, November 29 and 30
  • APSA Political Scientists Forecast Election Results
  • CNSTAT Public Seminar Discusses Election Polling and Forecasting
  • Future Tense Explores Parties’ Science and Technology Policies
  • NCATS Seeks Information on Enhancing Community-Engaged Research through the CTSA Program
  • AAAS Science and Human Right Coalition Discusses Internet Freedom
  • Behavior and Personal Health: NIH Releases Videos Highlighting Social/Behavioral Science Research Findings
  • “Kinship Care: Challenges and Opportunities”

October 9, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 18

  • COSSA Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy, November 29 and 30
  • National Academies Sponsor Symposium on Social and Behavioral Sciences in Action
  • NSF’s SBE Issues Dear Colleague on Interdisciplinary Research
  • NSF Makes Awards for Sustainability Research Networks
  • Communication Association Sponsors Public Programs on Presidential Debates
  • AERA Hosts Briefing on Affirmative Action Amicus Brief
  • NSF Seeks Proposals to Examine Broadening Participation Issues
  • COSSA’s Newest Member

September 24, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 17

  • Register Now For the COSSA Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Science and Public Policy: November 29-30
  • Congress Passes CR Recesses for Election; Administration Releases Sequestration Estimates
  • U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2011 ACS One-Year Estimates
  • NCES Releases Results of New NAEP 2011 Writing Assessment
  • White House Announces Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans
  • Science of Science and Innovation Policy Focus of NAS Conference
  • CNSTAT Holds Workshop on Aging and the Arts
  • Brookings Session Examines Census Bureau Poverty Report
  • Policy Fellowship Opportunities from SRCD and PAA
  • Secondary Analyses and Archiving of Social and Behavioral Datasets in Aging
  • RFI: Identifying Organizations with Appropriate Expertise to Participate in Mobile Health Collaborative Public-Private Partnership
  • Research Answers to NCI’s Provocative Questions – Group A
  • PCORI Issues Four Funding Opportunity Announcements

September 10, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 16

  • COSSA Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Science and Public Policy, November 29-30
  • Congress Returns: CR and Sequestration Key Items
  • NSF Moves Programs Out of the Office of the Director
  • New Leadership at Census Bureau
  • Janine Clayton Appointed ORWH Director
  • Defense Department to Continue Minerva Initiative
  • Center for Health Statistics Releases Two Briefs: One on U.S. Mortality, Another on Veterans Health
  • National Academies to Hold Symposium on Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Perspectives on the Future of the Sociology of Aging – Papers from NAS Workshop Released
  • Amicus Brief Cites Social Science Research Applicability in Affirmative Action Case
  • COPAFS Appoints Katherine Smith as New Executive Director
  • IHDP Releases Annual Report
  • NSF Seeks Proposals on Coastal Sustainability
  • Research Infrastructure for Demographic and Behavioral Population Science
  • NIH Director’s New Innovator Award
  • Estimating the Economic Costs of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
  • AHRQ Individual Awards for Postdoctoral Fellows NRSA
  • COSSA Has New Staff Member

August 6, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 15

  • Save the Date: COSSA…Colloquium on Social & Behavioral Science and Public Policy – November 29 – 30, 2012
  • Congressional Leaders Announce Agreement on Six Month CR: Political Science at NSF and Economics and Economics at NIH Safe for Now
  • Legislation to Reduce Senate-Confirmable Positions and Create a Fixed Term for Census Director Goes to President
  • Senate Panel Holds Hearing on the Impact of Pending Sequestration on Educaton
  • House Panel Examines Alternative Teacher Certification Programs
  • NIH Creates Office of Emergency Care Research
  • The NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Releases Video
  • Peace Institute Names Former Congressman Next President
  • New Coalition on Agriculture Research Holds Webinar
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Seeks Input on Draft Methodology Report
  • COSSA Joins Efforts to Oppose Elimination of AHRQ
  • AERA Accepting Proposals for Dissertation and Research Grants
  • NSF SBE Directorate Solicits Applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • NSF Offers International Research Experiences for Students
  • NEA Seeks Applications for Research on Measures of Arts Participation
  • New COSSA Member
  • Editor’s Note: UPDATE on Summer Hiatus

July 23, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 14

  • House Panel Flat Funds NIH, Eliminates NIH Economics Research, Zeros out AHRQ, Attaches Policy Riders Designed to Repeal the ACA
  • Multi-layered Cohort Chosen for NCS Main Study Design; Congress Intervenes
  • Senate Hearings on ACS and Census Plans for 2020
  • House Panel Marks Up 2012 Farm Bill: Administration Unhappy
  • Congress Seeks Sequestration Impact from Administration; ‘Profound Consequences’ Predicted for HHS, NIH
  • PRB Releases 2012 World Population Data Sheet
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration for NICHD Held on Capitol Hill: COSSA/AEA Exhibits
  • Science and Human Rights Coalition Meets at AAAS
  • Stephen Kidd New Executive Director of Humanities Alliance
  • NAS Committee on Population Seeks New Director
  • NIA Seeks Secondary Analyses of Comparative Effectiveness, Health Outcomes and Costs in Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • Research to Understand and Inform Interventions that Promote the Research Careers of Students in Biomedical/Behavioral Sciences – Applications Wanted

July 9, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 13

  • Congress Returns from Independence Day Break; One Month to go Before August and Convention Recess
  • ERS Celebrates Morrill Act Anniversary and New Headquarters
  • Briefing on Usefulness of NLS Held
  • NSF Geography Program Changes Procedu res for Submitting and Reviewing Proposals
  • Research on Children in Military Families: NIH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings

June 26, 2012, Volume 31 Issue 12

  • Labor, HHS, Education FY 2013 Spending Bill Emerges from Senate Appropriations Panel
  • NIH ACD Meets: Focuses on the Biomedical Workforce and Workforce Diversity
  • House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Holds NIH Oversight Hearing to Discuss Reauthorization and Sequestration
  • House Science Panel Hears from President’s Science Adviser
  • Philip Rubin Moves Up at OSTP
  • JEC Holds Hearing on Impact of Ending the ACS
  • House Appropriations Committee Marks Up Agriculture and Rural Development Spending Bill
  • Senate Passes Reauthorization of the Farm Bill
  • Making Prison Reform Work Subject of Keynote Address at NIJ Conference
  • NCES Releases NAEP Assessment Results
  • NCHS Releases Reports on Health Indicators and Health Insurance Coverage
  • NAS Committee on Law and Justice Seeks New Director
  • COSSA’s Newest Member

June 12, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 11

  • CEDS Holds Workshop to Develop Metrics for Enhancing Diversity in Science
  • House Subcommittee Marks Up FY 2013 Agriculture and Rural Development Spending Bill
  • NSF Releases Data on Proposal Reviews
  • OMB and OSTP Offer Guidelines for FY 2014 S&T Budgets
  • NAS Report: Higher Education Productivity Faces Definition and Quantification Difficulties
  • New Report on Investing in Early Childhood Education Released
  • Relationship Between Tobacco Use and Mental Illness Examined
  • SSRC Names Ira Katznelson New President

May 29, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 10

  • SBE Advisory Committee Holds Meeting
  • Census Bureau Releases 2010 Count Accuracy Data; GAO Offers Advice for 2020
  • Spending Panels Approve FY 2013 DHS Spending Bills: Increases for Research, Development and Innovation
  • National Geospatial Policy Focus of Legislation
  • NSF Hosts Global Summit on Merit Review: International Scientific Collaboration Necessitates Common Principles
  • Department of Education Releases Annual “Condition of Education” Report
  • Education Policy Center Report Examines Student Motivation
  • No Credible Findings Regarding Research on Deterrence and the Death Penalty According to NAS Panel

May 14, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 9

  • House Passes CJS Spending Bill: Amendments Eliminate NSF Political Science Program and American Community Survey
  • Paul Volcker Receives Moynihan Prize from AAPSS
  • CDC Conference Examines “The Weight of the Nation:” IOM Issues Obesity Report
  • Ramaswamy Takes Over at NIFA
  • Lead Poisoning and Health Disparities Focus of Briefing
  • Fogarty Seeks Input on its Strategic Plan

April 30, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 8

  • CJS Spending Bill Emerges from House and Senate Committees; NSF Increased
  • Senate Committee Approves FY 2013 Agriculture and Rural Development Spending Bill
  • Senate Agriculture Panel Backs Five -Year Reauthorization of Farm Bill
  • House Agriculture Panel Holds Hearing on Rural Development as Part of Farm Bill Reauthorization
  • NCS Advisory Committee Supports Geographic Based Probability Sample for Study?
  • AHRQ’s National Advisory Council Meets
  • PCORI Amends Draft Research Agenda
  • 2011 National Health Quality and Disparities Reports Released
  • BEA and Census Release County Level Data on Income and Other Variables
  • Education Department Awards Grants for Undergraduate STEM Education: Social/Behavioral Sciences Included
  • NSF Seeks Proposals for Science Education Research
  • NSF Solicitation Called DIBBS Part of Cyberinfrastructure Initiative
  • Translational Research to Improve Obesity and Diabetes Outcomes

April 16, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 7

  • Groves to Leave Census Bureau for Georgetown
  • CRS Examines STEM Funding at NSF
  • NIH’s OBSSR Launches Online Resource on Behavioral and Social Science Research Methods
  • Gary H. Gibbons Named Director of NHLBI NIH
  • Research Finds Social/Behavioral Interventions to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Good Return on Investment
  • NCHS Release: Teen Birth Rates Hit Historic Lows
  • IOM — For the Public’s Health: Investing in a Healthier Future
  • Primary Care and Public Health: Exploring Integration to Improve Population Health
  • OSTP Issues Progress Report on Public Access to Scholarly Publications
  • Farm Foundation Session Examines Farm Land Values
  • USDA’s NIFA Seeks Proposals on Preventing Childhood Obesity

April 2, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 6

  • Administration Announces Big Data Initiative
  • House Passes FY 2013 Budget Resolution: Spending Cap Reduced
  • NIH Makes Annual Appearance before House and Senate Appropriations Committees
  • House Agriculture Appropriations Panel Questions Redundant Data Collection
  • Health and Retirement Study Now Provides Genetic Data for Analysis
  • NSF Announces New I-Corps Grants
  • Smart Disclosure Focus of White House and NARA Summit
  • NCSES Seeks Proposals for Research on Collection Methods and Data Uses
  • NSF Seeks Proposals on Nanoscale Science, Including Social and Ethical Implications, for Undergraduate Engineering Education

March 20, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 5

February 20, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 4

  • President Releases FY 2013 Budget Proposal
  • Science Adviser Testifies to House SST Committee
  • PCAST Releases STEM Undergraduate Report
  • President Obama Nominates Erica Groshen as new BLS Commissioner
  • Senate HELP Committee Looks at Costs and Challenges of Treating Chronic Pain
  • Living Well with Chronic Illness: A Call for Public Health Action — Research Needed
  • Woteki Releases Action Plan for Research, Education, and Economics at USDA
  • Senate Begins Hearing Process to Draft New Farm Bill
  • Secretary Duncan Announces RESPECT Program
  • NCHS Board of Scientific Counselors Meets
  • NIEHS Seeks Comments on 2012 – 2017 Draft Strategic Plan
  • NIH Seeks Comments on Scientific Strategic Plan for Proposed New Addiction Institute
  • AHRQ: Independent Scientist Award and Mentored Clinical Scientists Research Career Development Award
  • Corrections

February 6, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 3

  • NICHD Council Discusses Institute’s Proposed Reorganization Plans
  • GAO Investigates STEM Education Programs: Finds Significant Overlapping
  • Hearing Examines Social Security Death Records and Identity Theft
  • Statistics and Public Policy Examined at Conference
  • New Federal Interagency Task Force to Promote Research on the Arts and Human Development
  • COSSA President Named Chairman of DBASSE
  • International Food Security Focus of Forum
  • Building the Science of Public Reporting: AHRQ Seeks Grant Applications
  • PCORI Seeks Input on National Priorities for Research and Research Agenda
  • Modeling Social Behavior: Applications Wanted
  • New COSSA Member

January 23, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 2

  • NSB Releases Science and Engineering Indicators 2012
  • NSB Examines NSF’s Merit Review Criteria
  • Grant Reform and Transparency Act Raises Concerns in Science and University Community
  • NIMH Holds 230th Meeting of National Advisory Mental Health Council
  • OJP Scientific Advisory Board Meets; Lauds Robinson
  • Reorganization of the Commerce Department May Involve Census, BEA, BLS and NOAA
  • APA Releases Report on Stress in America
  • Politics and Economics of Energy and Water Focus of Briefing
  • Census Bureau Seeks Scientific Advisory Board Nominations
  • Request for Information: NIH Director Working Group on Diversity in the Biomedical Research Workforce
  • Request for Information: NIH Director Working Group on Data and Informatics
  • Biodemography of Aging: Applications Wanted
  • New COSSA Member

January 9, 2012, Volume 31, Issue 1

  • Welcome to 2012
  • FY 2012 Appropriations Process Completed
  • NIGMS Reorganizes: Creates Division of Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity
  • Annual MTF Report Examines Teens’ Drug and Alcohol Use
  • CAP Report Addresses Climate Change, Mitigation, and Conflict
  • Small Grants for Behavioral Research in Cancer Control
  • Cancer Prevention, Control, Behavioral Sciences, and Population Sciences Career Development Award
  • NSF, USDA, and DOE Seek Proposals for Climate Prediction Using Earth System Models
  • University of Colorado Rejoins COSSA


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