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Volume 30 (2011)

December 14, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 22

  • End-of-Session Tactics on Payroll Tax Cut Extension Stalls Omnibus Appropriations Bill
  • NIH Director’s Advisory Committee Examines Workforce and Diversity Issues
  • Mary Bohman New Head of Economic Research Service
  • Committee on Law and Justice Meeting Hears Laub, Focuses on Possible New Projects
  • EU Proposes Horizon 2020 to Fund Research and Innovation: Includes Significant Emphasis on Societal Challenges
  • GAO Examines Higher Ed Outcomes Across Different Types of Institutions
  • Putting Disadvantaged Men Back to Work
  • Briefing on Premature Births Includes Focus on Behavior Change in Pregnant Women and Doctors
  • NSF’s Law and Social Sciences Program Seeks Proposals from Law School Social Scientists
  • New Opportunity to Enhance NSF-Census Research Coordination Network
  • IIASA Seeks Young Scientists for 2012 Summer Program

November 21, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 21

  • Minibus Clears Congress, Signed by President: Agriculture, Justice, Commerce, HUD, Transportation, and NSF Have FY 2012 Budgets
  • NSF Announces CREATIV Initiative: Merit Review by Program Officers
  • Lipinski Ensures Social Sciences’ Inclusion in Natural Hazards Risk Reduction Act of 2011
  • DBASSE Holds Meeting on Teaching SBE Sciences in K-12 Education
  • AAMC: Behavioral and Social Science Foundations for Future Physicians
  • IPCC Report on Managing Climate Change Adaptation Includes Human and Behavioral Factors
  • Conservation Options for Farm Policy Explored at Forum
  • Implications of the Economic Downturn for Health, Wealth, and Work at Older Ages – Applications Wanted
  • NIH Director’s Early Independence Awards
  • NIDDK Mentored Research Scientist Development Award
  • Behavioral Interventions to Address Multiple Chronic Health Conditions in Primary Care
  • Practical Interventions to Improve Medication Adherence in Primary Care

November 10, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 20-B

  • Summary – A Colloquium Celebrating COSSA’s 30 Years of Advocacy

November 7, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 20-A

  • Two Issues of Update
  • Senate Clears First Minibus Appropriations Bill: Expiration of CR and Report of Deficit Reduction Committee Looming
  • SBE Releases “Rebuilding the Mosaic” Report
  • NIH Director: ‘Agency is at a Paradoxical Point’
  • COSSA Responds to Office of Human Research Protection Proposal to Revise the Common Rule
  • Ladson-Billings Delivers AERA’s 2011 Brown Lecture
  • Karen Cook Named to AAHRPP Board

October 24, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 19

  • Senate Takes Up ‘Minibus’ FY 2012 Appropriations Bill
  • Senate Confirms John Bryson as Secretary of Commerce
  • NIH Seeks ‘Feedback’ on Managing in ‘Science in Fiscally Challenging Times’
  • COSSA Executive Director Speaks at University of Texas
  • NIH CTSA/NCATS Integration Working Group Release Recommendations
  • APSA Releases Task Force Report on Changing Demographics and Political Science
  • CNSTAT Seminar Examines Impact of ‘Great Recession’
  • NAS Committee Reviewing 2010 Census Examines Internet Use by Other Countries
  • ERS Funds Research on Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs
  • Federal Role in Agricultural Risk Management Examined
  • PCORI Seeks Scientific and Stakeholder Reviewers for Pilot Project Grants Program

October 10, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 18

  • COSSA 30th Anniversary Annual Meeting Adds NSF and NIJ Directors as Speakers
  • FY 2012 Begins: CR Funds Government Until November 18
  • House Chairman Announces His Recommendations for Labor, HHS, ED Spending Bill
  • NSF Introduces ‘Science Across Virtual Institutes’ (SAVI)
  • NSF Makes First I-CORPS Awards: Decision Scientist Among the Grantees
  • DOT Calls for Abstracts for Transportation Workforce Summit
  • Briefing on Economic Census Held on Capitol Hill
  • Justice Policy Coalition Presents Session on Cutting Corrections’ Costs and Populations
  • Improving Student Performance: Brookings’ Hamilton Project Has New Proposals
  • Work and Family Research Latest Focus of Brookings’ Future of Children
  • Cyber Attacks and National Security Explored at AAAS Forum
  • SRCD, PAA Seek Public Policy Fellows
  • PCORI Announces $26 Million Pilot Projects Grant Program
  • NIH/PEPFAR Collaboration for Advancing Implementation Science in Prevention of Maternal-Child HIV Transmission

September 26, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 17

  • COSSA Annual Meeting: Last Chance for Reduced Registration
  • Senate Appropriations Committee Marches On: CR in Trouble
  • CJS Panel Reduces NSF Funding Below FY 2011; Census Bureau Gets More, but Report Language Presents Major Challenges
  • NIH Cut Slightly: Lots of Report Language on Health and Behavior
  • NIH Deputy Director Addresses Joint NIDA/NIAAA Advisory Council Meeting: Merging of Institutes Discussed
  • NICHD Council Discusses the Institute’s Draft Vision Statement
  • Census Director Appoints New Members and Chair to Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Advancing Discovery: The Role of National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research in Fighting Diabetes
  • AERA, NAE Session: Evaluating Teachers Still Difficult Task
  • Brookings Panel Examines Latest Poverty Numbers
  • Farm Foundation Briefing Focuses on Agricultural Data
  • Senators Seek New Way to Fund Agricultural Research
  • ERS Holds Annual Conference on Research Issues Related to Food and Nutrition
  • NSF Seeks Proposals to Transform Education through Cyberlearning

September 12, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 16

  • COSSA to Celebrate 30th Anniversary at Annual Meeting on November 2 and 3:
  • Congress Returns: Focus on FY 2012 Spending Bills, Jobs, and Waiting for the Super Committee
  • Senate Appropriators Get to Work; House Appropriators Try to Finish
  • Cutter Discusses Human Response during NSF Hazards Event
  • NIH-Commissioned Study Identifies Gaps in NIH Funding Success Rates for Black Researchers
  • NIH Establishes ACD Diversity in Biomedical Research Working Group
  • DHS’ START Center Event Examines Terrorism Ten Years after 9/11
  • George Alter Appointed Director of ICPSR
  • National Science Board Solicits for Nominees for its 2012 Awards
  • SBE Seeks Projects to Create Metadata for its Major Surveys
  • NSF Seeks Proposals at Interface of Computer and Social Sciences
  • Advisory Committee to the NIH Director Working Group on the Future Biomedical Research Workforce Seeks Input
  • Systems Science and Health in the Behavioral and Social Sciences: Applications Wanted
  • COSSA’s Newest Member

August 8, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 15

  • COSSA to Celebrate 30th Anniversary at Annual Meeting on November 2 and 3
  • COSSA President Pens SCIENCE Editorial
  • Congress Leaves Town; Faces Major Budgetary Decisions in Fall
  • Merit Review Process Scrutinized by House Panel
  • Democrats on SST Committee Release Response to Coburn Report on NSF
  • House Agriculture Panel Examines USDA Research Programs
  • Defense Department to Run Another Minerva Competition
  • NSF Funds Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center
  • PRB Releases 2011 World Population Data Sheet
  • Susan Olson Named New Head of Law and Society Association
  • PCORI Seeks Comments on Research Topic Areas for Potential RFA
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: Psychosocial/Behavioral Interventions and Services Research
  • Translational Research: Research Leading to New Health Practices
  • NEA Solicits Proposals to Research Value and Impact of the Arts
  • Editor’s Note

July 25, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 14

  • CJS Spending Bill Emerges from Appropriations Panel; Timing of House Floor Action Uncertain
  • Public Comment Sought on Proposed Changes to Common Rule Governing Research with Human Subjects
  • Juvenile Justice Council Hears About Study of School Disciplinary Actions
  • Jobs in Rural America Focus of Senate Hearing
  • A Little Bit of Good News in the NAEP Geography Assessment
  • Well-Being of Children Focus of Interagency Statistics Report
  • Briefing Highlights Role of Demographic Research in Disaster Recovery
  • Science and Human Rights Coalition Holds Meeting
  • National Academies Release Framework for K-12 Science Education: SBE Sciences Still Missing
  • PCORI Seeks Input on Definition of ‘Patient-Centered Outcomes Research’
  • NIH OppNet — Sleep and Social Environment: Basic Biopsychosocial Processes
  • Ethical Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) Of Genomic Research
  • Proposals for Research on Research Integrity Sought
  • Social and Behavioral Research on the Elderly in Disasters: Applications Wanted
  • European Union Offers Grants for US-EU Research
  • AAPSS Seeks Executive Director

July 11, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 13

  • COSSA to Celebrate 30th Anniversary at Annual Meeting on November 2 and 3
  • CJS Spending Bill Emerges from House Panel: NSF, BEA Escape Cuts; Census, NIJ and BJS Do Not
  • Science and Higher Education Community Rally to Support NSF and SBE
  • House Passed DHS FY 2012 Funding Bill Slashes S&T Budget
  • Senate Appropriations Committee Moves Its First FY 2012 Spending Bill
  • ‘Bringing the Vision Together’ – NICHD Continues to Accept Comments on White Papers
  • HHS Seeks to Improve Data Collection in Public Health Surveys
  • Advancing HIV Prevention through Transformative Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • IOM Report: Relieving Pain Examines Prevention, Care, Education and Research
  • Request for Information: Feasibility, Scope, and Design of a State Health Policy Database

June 27, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 12

  • NIJ Conference Hears from Holder, Sampson, Bobo
  • OJP Announces CrimeSolutions.Gov Database
  • OJP Scientific Advisory Board Holds Second Meeting
  • Appropriations Subcommittee Chair ‘Troubled’ by Process to Stand up of NCATS
  • National Prevention Strategy Released
  • GAO Releases Report on HHS CER Awards
  • Greenberg Named Acting Director of NIGMS
  • Census Bureau Requests OMB to Continue ACS
  • House Passes FY 2012 Agriculture and Rural Development Appropriations Bill: Major Cuts to ERS and NASS Thwarted
  • VA Research Appropriations Matches President’s Request for Reductions
  • NCHS Publishes Health Interview Survey Early Estimates
  • ETS and CDF Examine Educational Prospects for Black Boys
  • Farm Foundation Event Examines Rural Development in Tough Economic Times
  • AAAS Explores Budget Situation for Research and Development
  • National Academies’ Report on Successful K-12 STEM Education Released
  • Evidence Based Policy Symposium To Occur at George Mason

June 13, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 11

  • House Panel Scrutinizes Funding of SBE Sciences by NSF
  • Rehberg Targets “Soft Sciences” in House Agriculture Appropriation Bill
  • NIH ACD Holds 102nd Meeting
  • Updates on New SUAA Institute at NIAAA Meeting
  • Senate HELP Examines Early Childhood Programs
  • New White House Rural Council Announced
  • BEA Seminar Details NIPA Revision and Health Care Expenditures’ Discrepancies
  • Law and Justice Panel Examines Research on White Collar Crime
  • Diane Ravitch Receives Moynihan Prize from AAPSS

May 31, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 10

  • Coburn Attacks NSF: Calls for Elimination of SBE Directorate
  • SBE Advisory Committee Meets: Looks to the Future
  • House Begins Appropriations Process: Cut! Cut! Cut!
  • Senate Finally Confirms Cora Marrett as NSF’s Deputy Director
  • NCES Releases Condition of Education 2011
  • START Session Features Authors of Radicalization Volume
  • NIMH to Seek Proposals on Mechanisms Underlying Patterns of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders across Diverse Populations
  • NIH/PEPFAR Collaboration for Implementation Science and Impact Evaluation
  • History of Science Society Rejoins COSSA

May 16, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 9

  • NIH Director Makes Annual Appearance before Senate Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Education Department Eliminates and Reduces Many Programs as a Result of FY 2011 Appropriations
  • HELP Committee Hearing on Improving Health Quality and Patient Safety: First, Do No Harm
  • National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality Meets
  • New Director of National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research Named
  • National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse Meets
  • Two NAS Panels Seek Better Ways to Measure Deterrence and Innovation
  • NAS Workshop Examines STEM Education Schools and Programs
  • CNSF Holds Seventeenth Annual Exhibition
  • Meeting of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

May 2, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 8

  • On to the FY 2012 Appropriations Process!
  • NIH Releases FY 2011 Fiscal Policy
  • Legislation Would Remove Many Positions from Senate Confirmation
  • Science Subcommittee Examines Behavioral Science Uses for Airport Security
  • DOD and USDA Collaboration for Military Families
  • NIGMS Releases Strategic Plan for Biomedical/Behavioral Research Training
  • NIH Establishes Working Group on the Future Biomedical Research Workforce
  • Roger Beachy Leaves NIFA
  • NIFA, in Keeping with the Administration’s Priorities, Announces Grants to Fight Childhood Obesity
  • USDA Seeks Nominations for Vacancies on the NAREE Advisory Board
  • Genes, Cognition and Behavior Report Released
  • Institute on Medicine Releases Research on Families Report
  • IOM Report – Child and Adolescent Health and Health Care Quality: Measuring What Matters
  • Report and Briefing Implore State Action on STEM Education
  • NSF Seeks Proposals to Transform STEM Undergraduate Education
  • Wendy Baldwin New PRB President
  • Society for Anthropological Sciences Joins COSSA

April 18, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 7

  • Congress Finally Completes FY 2011 Appropriations After Government Shutdown Averted
  • Committees Examine FY 2012 Spending Proposals
  • Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Hears from HHS Secretary Sebelius
  • Census Director Outlines Lessons Learned From 2010 Count
  • House SST Committee Questions NSF’s Large Budget Increase
  • HHS Releases Action Plan and Stakeholder Strategy to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
  • OBSSR Workshop Summary Available
  • NIH Releases Updated Strategic Plan for Obesity Research
  • National Academies Report: LGBT Health Research Gaps and Needs
  • NIH Launches Training Institute on Dissemination and Implementation Research
  • NIH/PEPFAR Collaboration for Implementation Science and Impact Evaluation
  • NICHD’s Visioning Process Continues: Comments Wanted
  • HHS Seeks to Make Health Data More Accessible
  • Social Work Caucus Launched on Capitol Hill
  • Conference on Obama in Office
  • New COSSA Staff Member

April 4, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 6

March 7, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 5

  • FY 2011 Budget Battle Continues
  • Bob Hauser to Lead DBASSE
  • Joan Ferrini-Mundy Named AD for NSF’s Education and Human Resources Directorate
  • Census Bureau Seeks Nominations for Science Advisory Board
  • NIH Examines the Science of Research on Discrimination and Health
  • AHRQ — Health Care Quality Progresses at Slow Rate; Disparities and Gaps in Access to Care Persist
  • GAO Report Identifies Duplicative Government Programs Adding Fodder for Spending Reductions
  • Community Disaster Resilience Subject of NAS Report
  • Women and Girls Subject of White House Council Report
  • NIH Seeks Comments on its Director’s Early Independence Award
  • NSF Seeks Proposals for Research Coordination Networks in SEES
  • NIA: Family and Interpersonal Relationships in an Aging Context
  • OBSSR at NIH Launches Summer Institute on Mobile Health
  • RWJF 2011 Call for Proposals on Public Health Law Research

February 22, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 4

  • President Obama Releases Proposed FY 2012 Budget
  • Huse of Representatives Goes on Budget Cutting Spree
  • Congress Asks for Report on Humanities and Social Sciences
  • More Funds for Cops, Not Prisons, Message of COSSA, ASC Congressional Briefing
  • AERA Briefing Explores Payoffs of Long-Term Investment in Education Research
  • NICHD Seeks Input on Defining an Agenda to Address Research Capacity Building
  • AHRQ Announces Interest in Career Development Grants Focused on Health Care System Redesign
  • NIA and AoA to Support Joint Translational Research to Help Older Adults Maintain their Health and Independence
  • American Finance Association Newest COSSA Member

February 7, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 3

  • Budget Debate About to Begin
  • OJP Science Advisory Board Holds Initial Meeting
  • ‘Energy and Commerce Leaders Probe HHS:’ Waxman Questions Approach
  • President Obama Annouces Appointment ot Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion and Integrative and Public Health
  • On the Fast Track” NCRR Dissolved/NCATS Create by October 2011
  • Harkin Reintroduces the ‘HeLP America Act’
  • 2010 Census Advisory Committee Holds Last Meeting
  • SBE Makes 2020 White Papers Available
  • NSB Seeks Feedback on NSF’s Merit Review Criteria
  • Head Start Advisory Committee Holds Initial Meeting
  • NCHS’ Board of Scientific Counselors Meet
  • NIAID Pre-testing of its Biomedical HIV Prevention Research Communication Messages – Seeks Comments
  • Investing in the Future: NIGMS Seeks Comments on its Strategic Plan for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Training
  • CDC Releases Health Disparties and Inequalities Report: ‘Compelling Arguement for Action’ – Need for Better Data
  • NINR Interdisciplinary Approaches for HIV/AIDS Risk-Avoidance Decison Making in Developing Adolescents
  • NCI’s “Provocative Questions Project” – Identifying Perplexing Problems to Drive Progress against Cancer
  • National Medal of Science Nominees Sought

January 24, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 2

  • New Congress Continues to Organize: Awaits State of Union Address
  • Examination and Potential Reorganization of HHS by House Energy and Commerce Committee
  • NIMH Advisory Council Member Resigns Citing ‘Short Shrift’ to Psychosocial Research
  • National Advisory Child Health and Human Development Council Meets: Hears Valedictory Advice from Departing Social Scientist
  • Nursing Institute Seeks Public Comments on Draft Strategic Plan
  • NIFA Director Pumps Up “Science for Food and Agriculture”
  • Patricia Hu New BTS Director
  • NAS Report on Research Training in Biomedical, Behavioral, and Clinical Research Sciences Released
  • National Research Center Conference Examines Teacher Issues
  • NSF Solicits Proposals for Large Multidisciplinary, Multi-Institutional Science and Technology Centers
  • NSF Seeks to Stimulate Research Related to the Science of Broadening Participation
  • DBASSE Executive Director Sought
  • Search for New Director of Committee on Human Dimensions of Global Change
  • COSSA Welcomes New Member

January 10, 2011, Volume 30 Issue 1

  • Welcome to 2011: A New Politics?
  • NSF Director Suresh Speaks at PCAST Meeting
  • NSF Explains Sustainability Initiative
  • President Names Former BLS Commissioner Katharine Abraham to CEA
  • Measuring American Well-Being: SSRC’s Human Development Project Issues Report
  • NSTC Sponsors Workshop on the Science of Science Measurement
  • IOM Report Examines the Role of Measurement of Health Outcomes
  • New NHGRI ELSI Funding Opportunities
  • Research on Alcohol-Related Public Policies
  • ASPE Seeking Comments on Comparative Effectiveness Research Inventory


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