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Volume 29 (2010)

December 13, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 22

  • 111th Congress Seeks Closure
  • PCAST Report on Energy Includes Calls for More Social Science Research at DOE
  • ‘Disruptive Innovation on an Institutional Scale:’ SMRB Recommends Creation of a Center for Advancing Translational Science at NIH
  • Advisory Panel to NIH Director Meets; Agrees to Examine Biomedical Workforce
  • Goals for Healthy People 2020 ‘Unveiled:’ Social Determinants of Health Emphasized
  • Research Universities’ Panel Hears About Challenges for Future
  • PISA Results Highlight International Education Comparisons
  • USDA and NSF Seeks Proposals to Study Disaster Resilience in Rural Communities
  • Translating Basic Behavioral and Social Science Discoveries into Interventions: Funding Opportunity
  • Funding Opportunity: Methodology and Measurement for Multiple Chronic Health Conditions
  • Research into the Impact of Economic Fluctuation on Alcohol Consumption, Drinking Patterns, and Prevention and Treatment of Problem Drinking and Related Problems
  • RTI International Newest COSSA Member
  • Editor’s Note

November 22, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 21

  • Republicans Push for Spending Cuts: One Possible Scenario is Significant Reductions in NSF SBE Research
  • NIH Director: ‘A New Institute Focusing On Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction Research Makes Scientific Sense’
  • Laurie Robinson Announces OJP Scientific Advisory Board
  • John Laub and Robert Sampson to Receive 2011 Stockholm Prize in Criminology
  • The Future of Education Policy Following the Midterm Elections Focus of AEI Briefings: Duncan Seeks Bipartisan ESEA
  • Rep. Baird’s Valedictory at APA Science Leadership Conference
  • Institute of Medicine Celebrates 10th Anniversary of “Neurons to Neighborhoods.”
  • Administration Issues Executive Order on Controlled Unclassified Information
  • NIH Awards Recovery Act Grants to Foster Scientific Workforce Diversity
  • 2010 PECASE Awards
  • NIH Health Economics for Health Care Reform Funding Opportunities
  • AHRQ: Advances in Patient Safety through Simulation Research: Applications Wanted
  • AHRQ: Patient Safety and Medical Liability Reform Planning Projects
  • Science of Research on Discrimination and Health: A Call for Papers

November 11, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 20

  • Election 2010: Republicans Sweep to Power in House; Narrow Democrats Margin in Senate
  • COSSA Holds Annual Meeting
  • New NSF Director Meets with EHR Advisory Committee
  • OppNet: Expanding Opportunities in Basic Behaviorial and Social Science Research
  • IES Board Approves Research Priorities
  • NAS Board Gets Update from NIH and NSF on Basic Research
  • Health Disparities in Boys and Men: Innovative Research to Reduce Addiction, Trauma and Related Co-Morbidities
  • Fragile Families Explored in Brookings Seminar Journal
  • Kenneth Prewitt Elected Next COSSA President; Board Members Reappointed

October 25, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 19

  • Advisory Committee Told of Job Well Done on 2010 Census: Time to Look Ahead
  • Commerce to Re-Establish Economic Statistics Advisory Committee
  • World Statistics Day Celebrated with Session on Capitol Hill
  • NIH, AHRQ Holds Conference on Comparative Effectiveness and Personalized Medicine: An Essential Interface
  • “Big History” Advocate Speaks at NSF
  • Decision Making Under Uncertainty on Environment Focus of New NSF Center Awards
  • NSF Awards 14 New Grants in Multi-Directorate Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems Program
  • Committee on Measures of Student Success Holds First Meeting
  • Early Childhood Education Research Looks at Effectiveness of Head Start
  • Medical Sociologists’ Contributions to Health Highlighted in “What Do We Know? Key Findings from 50 Years of Medical Sociology”
  • Special Journal Issue on a Decade of Research on Health Maintenance Behavior
  • NSF and Census Bureau Seek Proposals on Methodological Questions
  • NIH Director’s Early Independence Award Program
  • Economic History Association Joins COSSA

October 11, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 18

  • Congress Leaves for Election; CR Funding Government
  • Suresh Confirmed as NSF Director
  • Collins Addresses Dental and Craniofacial Advisory Council: Discusses NIH’s Budget
  • Easton Outlines IES Priorities to Board
  • NIH’s ORWH Releases ‘A Vision for 2020 for Women’s Health Research; ‘ Holds Scientific Symposium
  • NAS Report on Women’s Health Research: Inadequate Attention to Social and Environmental Factors
  • GAO Tells Science Agencies to Figure Out How to Determine High-Risk, High-Reward Research
  • NSF Awards Grants to Study Water Supply and Quality
  • NRC Releases Research Doctorate Program Assessments
  • Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation: ‘Moving Beyond the Crossroads’
  • NSF Seeks Graduate Student Applicants for Study in East Asia and the Pacific

September 27, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 17

  • New Fiscal Year to Begin; CR to Keep Government Going
  • NIH Scientific Management Review Board Recommends Creation of ‘Institute for Addictive Disorders’
  • House Panel Examines SciSIP
  • Senate Budget Committee Hears Economists’ Assessments of Federal Response to Financial Crisis
  • NBER Tax Policy Seminar Hears Summers and Feldstein
  • Gathering Storm Redux: Things Are Worse
  • PCAST Issues STEM Education Report: Social Sciences Not Part of K-12 STEM
  • National Science Board Expresses Concern about Gifted and Talented
  • NAS Research Universities Panel Holds First Meeting
  • GAO Releases Report on NIH Grant Process for Recovery Act Funding
  • NIH Seeks Comments on Its Draft Strategic Plan for Obesity Research
  • OppNet Short-term Interdisciplinary Research Education Program for New Investigators
  • Board of Governors Appointed to New Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
  • Public Input Wanted for National Health Care Quality Strategy and Plan
  • Head of Transportation Statistics Bureau Sought
  • Boston University Newest Member of COSSA

September 13, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 16

  • Politics of Taxing and Spending to Dominate Pre-Election Congressional Session
  • NIH Announces New Appointments
  • Rachel Croson Joins NSF as SES Division Director
  • SBE Asks Community for Help in Defining Future Research
  • Data Problems in Doctoral Survey Reported by NSF
  • Bob Hauser Appointed Interim Director of DBASSE
  • APSA Meeting: Nobel Winner Ostrom Gives Plenary Address, Brady Speaks of the Art of Political Science
  • APA Releases Report on Psychology in STEM
  • Retirement Planning and Social Security Examined at Forum
  • NSF Will Support Educational Research Projects on STEM Education for Minority Groups
  • NSF Seeks Nominations for Waterman Award for Young Researchers
  • NIH Establishes Health Economics Program; Seeks Applications
  • OppNet Releases Additional Funding Opportunity Announcement
  • NIGMS Seeks Research Proposals Addressing the Scientific Workforce
  • Communicating Research Intent and Value in Applications: NIH Emphasizes Plain Language Communication
  • National Academies’ Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program Seeks Applicants

August 9, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 15

  • Cora Marrett Nominated as NSF’s Deputy Director
  • Robert Kaplan Appointed NIH Associate Director for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
  • Congress Recesses for Summer: Spending Bills Continue to Emerge from Committees
  • Obama Administration Outlines S&T Priorities for FY 2012 Budget
  • House Passes Bill to Establish a National Criminal Justice Commission
  • Children’s Study Gets Continued Scrutiny
  • OBSSR Establishes Network on Inequality, Complexity and Health to Address Health Disparities
  • Making Teachers More Accountable Subject of Report and Briefing
  • OppNet Seeks Applications for Research on Sleep and Social Environment and Basic Biopsychosocial Processes
  • Editor’s Note: Update on Hiatus

July 26, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 14

  • Senate Moves Swiftly on Appropriations: Marks Up Six Bills
  • Science Subcommittee Explores ‘Economics for the Real World’
  • Financial Reform Bill Establishes Office of Financial Research
  • National Academies’ Board on Science Education Issues “A Framework for Science Education:” Science Does Not Include the Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Guttmacher Appointed to Lead NICHD
  • Jack Buckley to Return to NCES as Commissioner
  • HHS Seeks Input on Development of an Inventory of Comparative Effectiveness Research Database
  • 2010 Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics Report Available
  • Impact of Recession on American Families Discussed at Congressional Briefing
  • Can We Fight Poverty with Cash Incentives?
  • More Research on Eliminating Child Abuse Necessary
  • NSF Solicits Proposals for Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering
  • Applications Wanted for 2011 NIH Director’s Pioneer Award and 2011 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Programs
  • Advancing Novel Science in Women’s Health Research
  • Mentored Career Development Award to Promote Faculty Diversity

July 12, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 13

  • Appropriations Season Off to a Late Start; How it Will Finish is a Big Question Mark
  • National Academies Release Report on NIJ; Calls for More Independence and Enhanced Focus on Research
  • NSF Holds Workshop on Genes, Cognition and Behavior
  • CNSTAT Workshop Discusses Innovation in the Federal Statistical System
  • UNESCO Issues New World Social Science Report
  • Long-Term Care for an Aging Population: The PRB’s 4th Annual Symposium on Policy and Health
  • American Academy Study: Scientists Need to Understand the Public More
  • NSF Seeks Proposals at the Interface Between Computer Science and the Social and Economic Sciences
  • NSF Seeks Advice on How to Broaden Participation in the STEM Workforce
  • University of Missouri, St. Louis Joins COSSA

June 28, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 12

  • Senate Finally Confirms Laub for NIJ and Lynch for BJS
  • NIJ Holds Annual Conference: AAG Announces OJP Scientific Advisory Board; Celebrates VAWA; Hears From Tribe
  • SBE Asks for Research Proposals Related to the Gulf Oil Spill
  • NIFA Provides Synopsis of 2009 Competitive Research Grants
  • Agricultural Statistics Agency Seeks Nominees to Advisory Committee
  • NSF Seeks to Reward Junior Scientist Faculty
  • Sebelius Announces New $250 Million Investment to Lay Foundation for Prevention and Public Health
  • AHRQ Health Services Research Projects Grant

June 14, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 11

  • President Nominates Suresh to Lead NSF; Marrett Now Acting Director
  • The Five Percent Solution to the Deficit Problem
  • Senate Panel Approves Wieman Nomination to Become OSTP’s Associate Director for Science
  • Child Health Institute Leader and Council Discuss Vision Setting Process
  • DOD Affirms Commitment to Dissemination of Unclassified Research Results
  • Senate Panel Examines the Impact of the Recession on the State of the Nation’s Children
  • NCRR Science Education Partnership Award – Applications Wanted
  • Seeding National Mentoring Networks to Enhance Diversity of the Mental Health Research Workforce

May 31, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 10

  • On Third Attempt House Passes COMPETES Legislation
  • NSF’s SBE Advisors Meet; Brainstorm Proactive Ideas Agenda
  • PCAST Meets; Discusses Underattention to Social Science
  • Education Committee Examines ‘Research and Best Practices on Successful School Turnaround’
  • Former NIH Director Harold Varmus to Lead National Cancer Institute
  • IES Releases Annual Report on ‘The Condition of Education’
  • Greenstein Wins AAPSS’ Third Moynihan Prize; Other Social Scientists Honored
  • Child Hunger by the Numbers
  • Opportunities in the AFRI Competitive Grants Program
  • NICHD Seeks Input in Defining Agenda to Address Research Capacity Building

May 17, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 9

  • COMPETES Bill Pulled From House Floor After GOP Maneuver
  • NIH Director Defends FY 2011 Budget to Senate Funding Panel
  • NIH Analyzes OppNet Topics of Interest
  • House Appropriations Chairman David Obey Announces Retirement
  • National Science Foundation Celebrates 60th Birthday
  • White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity
  • NIH Awards 10 Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities
  • BEA Advisory Committee Examines Measuring Human Capital
  • Congressional Briefing on Healthy Development – A Summit on Young Children’s Mental Health
  • Demographic Changes Altering Metro America According to Brookings Report
  • NLM Information Resource Grants to Reduce Health Disparitie

May 3, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 8

  • COMPETES Reauthorization Emerges from House Science and Technology Committee
  • Collins Discusses NIH Budget with House Appropriations Panel
  • AAG Robinson Defends OJP Budget to House Appropriations Panel
  • Census 2010 Equals Census 2000 Mailback Participation Rate
  • Senate Committee Produces FY 2011 Budget Resolution
  • Senate Committee Hears About Standards and Assessments in ESEA Reauthorization Hearing
  • President Nominates Woteki as Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education and Economics
  • NSF Division of Science Resource Statistics Seeks Deputy Director
  • NSF Dear Colleague Letter for Assessing and Enhancing the Impact of Science R&D in the United States
  • Interagency Working Group Releases White Paper: A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change
  • NSF Seeks Proposals to Help Predict Climate Change Using Earth System Models
  • NIH Seeks Information on Priorities for the NIH Adherence Research Network

April 19, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 7

  • COSSA Testifies to House CJS Appropriations Panel
  • House Science Panel Reports NSF Reauthorization
  • 2010 Census Advisory Committee Meets: Looks Ahead to 2020
  • President Obama Announces Selections for Presidential Bioethics Commission
  • “G” Party Comes to Washington: Honors Goodall, Volkow; Hears Krugman
  • School Safety, Youth Violence and Bullying Focus of Journal and Briefing
  • Hot Times in the City: The Impact of Climate Change in an Increasingly Urban World
  • Coalition Holds Annual Exhibition: Social and Behavioral Sciences Well Represented
  • National Cancer Institute Funding Opportunity in Cancer Education and Career Development

April 5, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 6

  • NSF Appropriations Hearing Focuses on Improving Education
  • White House Names OSTP Associate Director for Science
  • Research and Evaluation in Health Care Reform Law
  • New Bills Introduced to Foster Independence of Census Bureau
  • NSF Expands Activity on Climate, Energy, and Sustainability
  • NIGMS Director Berg Briefs Congress On The Impact of Basic Research
  • Members of House Express Support for Large NIH Increase
  • NSF Seeks Proposals From Teams to Intergrate Cyberinfrastructure Research and Education
  • NSF’S Program Funding Graduate Students To Help K-12 Learning Seeks Applicants
  • NSF Solicitation For Ethics Resource Center
  • Fulbright Scholar Competition Seeks Applicants

March 22, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 5

  • Census 2010 is Here!…Please Remember to Fill Out and Return Your Census Form!
  • Bement Defends NSF’s FY 2011 Budget in Swan Song before Research and Science Education Panel
  • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on ‘Broadening Participation in STEM’
  • NIFA to Release Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Solicitations
  • NIH’s Scientific Management Review Board Holds Third Meeting
  • NIH Establishes Director’s Pathfinder Award to Promote Diversity in the Scientific Workforce to Fill Knowledge Gaps
  • COSSA Sponsors Congressional Briefing on “Better Living Through Economics”
  • Secretary Duncan ‘Keeps on Pushing’ for Education Reform
  • James Grossman Announced as New Historical Association Executive Director
  • Call for Ideas: Scholarly Knowledge on LGBTQ Issues in Education
  • Participants Sought for Summer Training Workshop on African American Aging Research
  • Behavioral and Social Science Research on Understanding and Reducing Health Disparities – Funding Opportunity
  • Understanding and Promoting Health Literacy: Applications Wanted
  • NCMHD Seeks to Fund Health Disparities Research on Social Determinants of Health
  • New Call for Proposals Issued by Public Health Law Research Program

March 8, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 4

  • The Budget Issue

February 8, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 3

  • Administration Releases FY 2011 Budget Proposal
  • Bement to Leave NSF; Heads to Purdue to Direct Global Policy Institute
  • New Structure, New Priorities for Agriculture Research
  • NICHD to Examine its Scientific Opportunities; Will Seek Input of the Extramural Community
  • NIAAA Advisory Council Convenes for 123rd Meeting
  • Measuring Higher Education Outcomes Focus of National Academies’ Panel
  • Education Reform:The New York City Experience
  • State of the Science:IOM Committee to Examine LGBT Health Issues, Research Gaps and Opportunities
  • Science of Behavior Change: Finding Mechanisms of Change in the Laboratory and the Field – Applications Wanted
  • NIH Funding for Scientific Meetings Designed to Develop Interdisciplinary Research Teams Available
  • NIH Seeks to Fund Research Designed to Enhance Global Health Research Involving Human Subjects
  • Applicants Sought for the 2010 Institute on Systems Science and Health

January 25, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 2

  • Lots of Advice on the Nation’s Budget Problems
  • House Science Panel Outlines 2010 Agenda; Reauthorizing ‘America COMPETES’ Tops The List
  • BJS Nominee James Lynch Appears Before Senate Judiciary Committee
  • National Science Board Releases Science and Engineering Indicators 2010
  • Government Organized Committee on Scholarly Publishing Issues Report
  • NIGMS Announces Intention to Undertake Strategic Plan on Research Training
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time:…Understanding The Violence In The Lives Of Young Black Men
  • Peace Institute Holds Session on Youth Violence and Extremism
  • How Schools Cope With Budget Reductions Focus of AEI/Fordham Institute Event
  • HUD’s OPD&R Offers Sabbatical-In-Residence
  • Application Deadline Extended To 1/27/10 for NIH/OBSSR Summer Training Institute
  • University of Connecticut Newest COSSA Member

January 11, 2010, Volume 29 Issue 1

  • Welcome to 2010: Moving Beyond Health Care Reform
  • PCAST Meets; Holdren Reviews Administration’s S&T Accomplishments
  • NIH Launches OPPNET and Announces First Funding Opportunity
  • Final FY 2010 Appropriations
  • NIH Collins Chairs First ACD Meeting
  • President’s Call to Action: ‘Educate to Innovate’
  • NIH Awards Recovery Act Funds to Support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Breast Cancer and Social Interactions Discussed at NIH December OBSSR Lecture Series
  • NIH Director’s Opportunity for Research Program Established
  • NIAMS Seeks Comments on its Long-Range Research Plan
  • Population Association Becomes COSSA’s 18th Governing Member


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