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Volume 28 (2009)

December 14, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 22

  • Congress Moves to Complete FY 2010 Appropriations Process
  • House Science and Technology Committee Leaders to Retire at the End of the 111th Congress
  • Political Scientist Amy Gutmann, President of Penn, to Lead Obama’s Bioethics Commission
  • Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson Receive Nobel Prizes and Participate in Session at Swedish Embassy
  • OSTP Seeks Advice on Public Access to Federally Funded Research
  • NIH Launches Program to Develop Innovative Approaches To Combat Obesity
  • Report Released on Low Performing Schools and Their Restructuring Efforts
  • Moving Beyond High School to College Proficiency
  • Mamas’ Report on Lack of Fathers in Their Children’s Lives
  • GSS Calls for Proposals to Add Questions to the 2012 Survey
  • Dell Hymes, COSSA’s First President, Dies at 82.
  • IIASA Summer Fellowships Available
  • Applications Wanted for Research on School Policies Related to Obesity
  • NIH Institutes Seek Proposals to Address HIV in the Criminal Justice System
  • Proposals Sought for Research on Integrity in Collaborative Research
  • Editor’s Note: Happy Holidays!

November 23, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 21

  • SBE Advisory Committee Meets and Hears Many Reports
  • Laub Gets Hearing at Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Shah Leaves Agriculture; Nominated to Head USAID
  • Collins Addresses SMRB; Urges Scientific Community to Tell Story
  • NIH SMRB: Working Groups Provide Status Reports
  • NIH Director’s Council of Public Representatives Meet
  • COPR Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary: Welcomes Six New Members
  • Healthy People 2020: OBSSR/ODP Working to Put Social and Behavioral Science Into -Action to Improve Health
  • NIH Launches Second Phase of Patient Reported Outcomes Initiative
  • Conference Examines Measurement of Innovation
  • NIH and CDC Seek Applications for Obesity Policy Research
  • Social Work Research Group Joins COSSA

November 9, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 20

  • Senate Passes CJS Spending Bill; Defeats Coburn Amendment to Eliminate Political Science at NSF; Vitter Amendment Falls
  • COSSA Holds Annual Meeting
  • Robinson Confirmed to Run Office of Justice Programs; Lynch Named to Head Justice Statistics’ Bureau
  • 2010 Census Advisory Committee Convenes for Decennial Update
  • White House Announces Increased Emphasis on Program Evaluations
  • A Decade Later –Diabetes Prevention Program Reports Persistence of Benefits of Lifestyle Changes
  • NSF’s EHR Advisory Committee Examines Technology in Education
  • NIA Uses ARRA Funds to Extend Research on Health, Economics of Older Americans
  • NIH: Science of Behavior Change An Agency-Wide Research Priority

October 26, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 19

  • Mikulski Defends Political Science; CJS Bill Stalls: Coburn and Vitter Amendments Unfinished
  • Congressmen Barton and Walden Continue to Question NIH’s Peer Review
  • Congress Sends FY 2010 Homeland Security Spending Bill to President
  • Master Address Files Focus of House Subcommittee Census Hearing
  • PCAST Hears from Secretary Duncan and Others on Improving Stem Education
  • NIH Funds Research Examining the Factors that Influence Women’s Careers in Science
  • NSF’s Graduate Education Division Solicits Proposals for Research and Evaluation of Stem Education
  • NSF Interdisciplinary Program on Human and Natural Systems Makes Awards, Seeks Proposals
  • NSF Encourages Interdisciplinary Work on Environment, Science and Society
  • National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality Seeks Nominations for new Public Members
  • Applications Wanted for Community Network Programs to Reduce Cancer Disparities
  • NIDA, NIAAA, and NINR Seek Applications for Behavioral & Integrative Treatment Development Program
  • NIMH to Seek Applications to Develop National Mentoring Networks to Enhance Workforce Diversity
  • NIH Seeks Transformative Research Projects
  • University of Texas at Brownsville Joins COSSA

October 12, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 18

  • Senator Coburn Threatens to Eliminate NSF’s Political Science Program
  • Groves Updates Senate Panel on 2010 Preparations; Amendment Proposes New Census Question on Citizenship
  • President Obama Visits NIH; Announces $5 Billion in Recovery Act Research Grants
  • USDA Launches New Research Agency and New Science Vision; House Panel Looks at Farm Bill Implementation; FY 2010 Spending Bill to President
  • John Laub Selected to Head NIJ; Laurie Robinson Gets Senate Hearing
  • NSF Announces DOD Supported Awards
  • IES Issues Guide to Help Students Prepare for College
  • APSA Report Examines U.S. Standing in the World
  • Nancy Weinberg Kidd New Communication Association Head
  • Martha Zaslow to Head SCRD Policy and Communications Office• Preventing Child Maltreatment
  • AAHRPP Issues Final Revised Accreditation Standards

September 28, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 17

  • House Passes CR to Fund Government; Census Protected
  • Census Director Groves Appears before House Subcommittee to Discuss 2010 Preparations
  • At the Request of Senator Grassley, GAO Report Examines NIH Oversight of Institutes and Centers
  • Representatives Barton and Walden Request Details on NIH Peer Review and the Funding of ‘Questionable Studies’
  • NICHD’s Alexander Steps Down as Advisory Council Holds Meeting
  • The NIAAA Advisory Council Gathers for Its 122nd Meeting
  • ISR Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Capitol Hill Briefing
  • Briefing Takes Another Look at Terrorism and Global Conflict
  • Education Officials Address AERA Policy Meeting
  • The Question of College: Should Everybody Go and How to Retain Those Who Do
  • Carnegie Report Calls for Expansion of Literacy Training Into Higher Grades
  • NSF Seeks Applicants for SBE Minority Post Doctoral Research Fellowships
  • National Academies S&T Graduate Fellowships Available
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Joins COSSA

September 15, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 16

  • Congress Returns: Health Care Reform Dominates; CR Likely for FY 2010 Spending
  • Collins Confirmed as NIH Director: Outlines Five Areas of Opportunity in Constituent Meeting
  • Recovery Act Increases Scrutiny of Spending by Agencies
  • NIH: Recovery Act Funds Making an Impact
  • Sunstein Confirmed to Head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
  • Financial Modeling and Economists: Are They to Blame for the Economic Crisis?
  • BJS Leader Outlines NCVS Restoration and Renovation
  • BEA Director Discusses GDP and Beyond
  • NIH Unveils New ‘User Friendly’ RePORTER Website
  • PRB 2009 Data Sheet Shows World Population Growth Despite Low Birth Rates
  • Nominations Sought for Nation’s Highest Science and Technology Honors
  • SRCD Policy Fellowship Opportunity
  • NIGMS Seeks Proposals on How to Increase Interest in Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers
  • Applications Sought for NIH Director’s Pioneer Award and New Innovator Award

August 10, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 15

  • FY 2010 Appropriations: House 12; Senate 4
  • Labor, HHS, Education Spending Bill for FY 2010 Emerges from Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Senate and House Panels Provide Set-Aside for HUD Research and Evaluation
  • Bill for Social/behavioral Research Program at DOE Advances Through S&T Panel; Opponents Charge ‘Mind Control’
  • Chicago Focus of Hearing on K-12 stem Education at House Science Subcommittee
  • CNSTAT Panel Recommends Changes in SIPP
  • Report and Briefing Focus on ‘Working Learners’
  • Iris F. Litt New Head of Center for Advanced Study at Stanford
  • Editor’s Note: Update’s Recess

July 27, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 14

  • Myron Gutmann, Former COSSA President, New Head of NSF’s SBE Directorate
  • Hill Briefing Highlights NSTC Report: Representatives Baird And Lipinski Speak
  • House Passes Labor, HHS, Education Spending Bill; Accepts Defunding of Three NIH Grants
  • Science Panel Approves Establishment of Social And Behavioral Research Program at Energy Department
  • Congress Take a Closer Look at Women in STEM Fields
  • A Big Week for Census: Groves Sworn In; Former Directors Return; Maloney Pushes Independence; Advisory Committee Meets.
  • Insel Discusses NIMH’s Use of ARRA Funding: ‘Untapped Potential’ Revealed
  • Another Psychologist Comes to the House
  • Child Welfare Focus of New Book and Panel
  • NCES Releases Report on Student Achievement Gap at State Level
  • NSF Seeks Proposals on Stem Research and Evaluation
  • Editor’s Note

July 13, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 13

  • Senate Confirms Groves to Lead Census Bureau
  • Francis S. Collins Nominated to Lead the NIH
  • Congress Keeps Spending Bills Moving
  • House Panel Hears About Census Data Use in Federal Formula Funding
  • Academy Report Calls for Structural Independence for BJS
  • IOM Provides Priorities and Recommendations for Comparative Effectiveness Research Effort
  • Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research Releases Report
  • Mobility, Child Development, and School Achievement Focus of Academies’ Board
  • COSSA Board Member David Weisburd Announced as 2010 Stockholm Prize in Criminology Winner
  • NSF Seeks Proposals in Creative Information Technology
  • NIDCR to Support Small Research Grants for Data Analysis and Statistical Methodology

June 29, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 12

  • FY 2010 Appropriations Moving Through Congress
  • Senate Spending Committee Examines Rebirth of NIH Funding
  • NIJ Research Conference Hears Holder, Kerlikowske
  • Congress Asks for Research Universities Study
  • More Obama Administration Appointments
  • START Releases Updated Terrorism Data Base
  • APS Joins COSSA

June 15, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 11

  • Budget Issue: Proposed FY 2010 Budgets for Social and Behavioral Science

May 18, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 10

  • Obama Administration Issues Details of FY 2010 Budget Proposal
  • Census Nominee Groves Faces Smooth Confirmation Hearing
  • Holdren Tells Science Committee SBE Sciences ‘Critical’ To Solving Society’s Problems
  • Praise and Prescriptions for The Federal Statistical System
  • More Administration Appointments: Robinson to Lead OJP Again; O’Toole New Head Of S&T At DHS
  • Congress Addresses America’s Failing High Schools
  • NSF’s EHR Advisory Committee Seeks Ways to Further Stem Education and Research
  • Secretary Duncan and Senator Bennet Address Education Reform Meetings
  • David Ellwood Winner of Second Moynihan Prize
  • NIH Resumes Search for OBSSR Director
  • Modeling the Scientific Workforce: Applications Wanted
  • NSF Announces Major Research Instrumentation Competition under ARRA

May 4, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 9

  • President Obama Addresses Science Policy In Speech To National Academy of Sciences
  • Science Adviser Lays Out Obama Agenda In S&T; House Panel Chair Notes Latest Legislation
  • Congressman Baird Discusses Importance of The Social And Behavioral Sciences To The Science Policy Agenda
  • Concerns About The 2010 Census Raised At Commerce Secretary’s Appearances Before Spending Panels
  • The President’s Council of Advisers on Science And Technology (PCAST)
  • More Obama Appointments: Blank To Commerce, Shah To USDA; Spriggs To Labor
  • COSSA Coalition Organizes NIH Behavioral And Social Science Poster Session on Capitol Hill
  • Congress Clears Budget Resolution; Obama FY 2010 Details Soon
  • NIH Scientific Management Review Board Holds Inaugural Meeting; Merger of NIDA And NIAAA Discussed
  • The Call For Common Education Standards Gaining Traction
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Threat To America’s Health
  • Tenth Anniversary of Women’s Health Office Celebrated
  • NIDA Launches Drug Use Screening Tools For Physicians
  • Institute For Policy Research At Northwestern Celebrates 40th Anniversary
  • NSF Solicits Proposals on Social-Computational Systems

April 20, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 8

  • HHS Secretary Designate Kathleen Sebelius Responds to Senators’ Questions Following Confirmation Hearings
  • Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research Seeks Comments
  • Webb Introduces Criminal Justice Commission Bill
  • NAS Behavioral Sciences’ Board Tackles Human Subjects’ Protections Issue at Meeting
  • Difficulties in Behavioral Science Support for U.S. Intelligence Efforts
  • CNSF Holds 15th Annual Exhibition; Speaker Pelosi Thanks Science Community
  • Women’s Policy Research Group Holds Conference to Present Policy Alternatives to the New Administration
  • NSF Seeks Proposals for Urban Long-Term Research Area Exploratory Awards

April 6, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 7

  • Administration Continues to Fill Up: Groves to Lead Census Bureau; Easton to Head Institute of Education Sciences
  • NIH Acting Director Discusses Many Issues with House Funding Subcommittee
  • House and Senate Pass FY 2010 Budget Resolutions
  • Subcommittee Examines Factors Around Health Disparities and Access To Health Care
  • House Subcommittee Approves Bills to Improve Science Education and International Science
  • Implementing Effective Substance Abuse Treatment in the Criminal Justice System Focus of Briefing
  • Agriculture Subcommittee Hears from CDC on the State of Obesity in the United States
  • Rural Sociological Society Names Ralph Brown Executive Director
  • Early College High Schools Discussed at Briefing
  • NIH Releases Grand Opportunities Funding Opportunity
  • Training Opportunity for Community Participation Research Targeting the Medically Underserved
  • NIA Seeks to Promote Careers in Aging and Health Disparities Research

March 23, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 6

  • Senate Confirms Holdren and Lubchenco
  • Commerce Nominee Promises Census Will Get Done
  • House Panel Examines Prisoner Reentry Research
  • NSF Issues Statement on Recovery Act Funding
  • SBE Interested in Proposals to Investigate Recovery Act Implementation
  • NIH Announces Availability of Administrative Supplements
  • HHS Announces Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • ‘Building a Diverse Scientific Workforce’ Subject of Congressional Briefing
  • International Education Programs Celebrated
  • New Solicitation for Decision Making Under Uncertainty Research
  • NSF and Foundations Offer Opportunities for Cyber-Enabled Data on Innovations in Organizations
  • Wanted: Proposals for Exploratory Grants for Behavioral Research in Cancer Control
  • CNSTAT Issues New Edition of Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency

March 9, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 5

  • Obama Administration Releases FY 2010 Budget Overview; Congress Tries to Finish Up FY 2009; Agencies Announce Stimulus Spending Plans
  • Congress Receives Progress Report On Decennial Census Operations: Cost, Accuracy and Privacy Matters Among Top Concerns
  • NIH Releases Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research; Deadline to Apply April 27, 2009
  • NIGMS Advisory Council Approves Concept to Model Workforce Diversity; Challenge Grant for Research on Novel Interventions Released
  • Proceedings of NIH “Women in Biomedical Research” Workshops Available
  • NIH, CDC, RWJF Launch Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research
  • Institute of Medicine Requests Input into Comparative Effectiveness Research Priorities
  • NAS Report Calls for More Social Science Research on Climate Change; We’ve Heard This Before
  • Teacher Quality and Alternative Certification Programs Focus of Report
  • With Unemployment Climbing, Brookings Session Focuses on Jobs for Those with Middle Level Skills
  • NSF Seeks Proposals on Environment, Society and the Economy
  • NSF Asks for Public Comment Relating to Research Conduct for Students And Postdocs

February 23, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 4

  • Economic Recovery Legislation Enacted: Science Fares Very Well
  • Kington Briefs Scientific Community on NIH’s Plans for Stimulus
  • Senate Committee Hears From OSTP and NOAA Nominees
  • House Passes New Nanotechnology Initiative Bill; Much Emphasis on Health, Safety and Social Implications
  • Youth Violence Problem and Solutions Examined by House Judiciary Panel
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research: The View from NHLBI; Funding Included in Stimulus Bill
  • State Department History Office Dispute Threatens Foreign Relations Document Series

February 9, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 3

  • Senate Set to Pass Economic Recovery Legislation
  • NSF Reports Downward Trend in Federal R&D Funding in FY 2008
  • Institute on Aging Council Approves Report on Behavioral and Social Research Division
  • John Hagan and Argentine Judge Winners of Criminology Prize
  • Briefing Reviews Research on Crime
  • Hunger in America Redux
  • NIH Projects, Funding Details Available for Public Viewing on Website
  • NIH Holds Conference on Science of Dissemination and Implementation
  • NCI Career Development Award

January 26, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 2

  • OSTP Releases Report on SBE Sciences
  • Stimulus Packages Begin Legislative Journey; Science Funding Included
  • President Obama Rescinds Executive Order on Presidential Records; Restores Presumption of Openness on FOIA Requests
  • Cora Marrett Named NSF’s Acting Deputy Director
  • Political Scientist To Lead House Research And Science Education Panel
  • Brookings Scholar New Head Of Congressional Budget Office
  • NICHD’s Child Development and Behavior Branch Presents Annual Report To Council: Seeks Public Comments
  • Congressional Briefing Underscores Urgency Concerning Census 2010
  • National Academies’ Report Makes Recommendations Designed To Improve HHS’ Performance
  • OM Committee Issues A Call To Action To The Obama Administration On Global Health
  • Science And Human Rights Coalition Launched
  • Agencies Announce ‘Digging Into Data’ Competition 

January 12, 2009, Volume 28 Issue 1

  • Welcome to 2009
  • A New Congress Convenes
  • A New Administration Staffs Up
  • NIH Summit Explores Science of Health Disparities
  • House Rescinds Bush Executive Order On Presidential Records
  • DOD Announces Minerva Initiative Awards
  • NSF Seeks Proposals In Three Areas Associated With HSD
  • OBSSR Revamps Website
  • Education Report Focuses on English Language Learners
  • International Student Comparisons In Math And Science Reveal Improvement for U.S. Students
  • Preparing For Terrorism Disasters Subject of Briefing
  • Historians Discuss ‘Historic’ Nature of 2008 Election
  • Study Finds Electronic Prescribing System Produces Cost Savings
  • The AHRQ Releases Funding Opportunity Announcements
  • Applications Wanted for NIH-Supported Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities


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