Washington Update Archive

Volume 27 (2008)

December 8, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 22

  • Enhancing Diversity in Science Report Available
  • NSF’s HSD Program Makes Final Awards
  • NIMH Council Workgroup Makes Recommendations for Strengthening Research Training; Professional Associations Discouraged
  • OHRP Seeks Comments on Draft Guidance Document
  • Linda S. Birnbaum Named New Director of NIEHS
  • Former Census Official John H. Thompson Named President of NORC
  • Brookings’ Report Reiterates Need for More Resources for Prisoner Reentry Programs
  • Center on Reinventing Public Education Claims School Finance Systems Still Deficient
  • SRCD Celebrates Thirty Years of Fellows
  • Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health Available
  • CDC Funding Opportunities
  • Editor’s Note: Farewell to 2008

November 24, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 21

  • COSSA Annual Meeting Examines Changing Political, Economic, and National Security Landscapes; Also Hears About Disaster Research and Social Science Evidence
  • Aletha Huston Named New COSSA President; Five Join Board as At-Large Members
  • SBE Advisory Committee Hears from Bement and Olsen
  • NSF Announces Search Committee for New SBE Leader
  • House Examines the Role of Biomedical Research in Stimulating the Economy
  • Senate Proposes $1 Billion for NIH in Economic Package

November 10, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 20

  • Historic Election Sends Obama To White House; More Democrats To Congress
  • Committee on National Statistics Examines Immigration Data
  • Kington Appointed Acting Director Of The National Institutes of Health
  • Jerry A. Menikoff Appointed OHRP Director
  • NIGMS, OBSSR Hold Informational Conference on Modeling Social Behavior
  • 2009 NIH Director’s Pioneer/New Innovator Awards: Pre-Applications Wanted

October 20, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 19

  • COSSA Has Moved to a New Address
  • 110th Congress Leaves for Election: Lame Duck Growing More Likely
  • Election Forum Looks at Health and Science Research Funding
  • Presidential Candidates’ Responses on Support for Basic Research
  • DeGette Introduces New Legislation on Human Subjects’ Protection
  • Peer Review: New NIH Policy to Fund Meritorious Science Earlier
  • IOM Meeting Focuses on Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health
  • Alcohol Use Disorder Focus of Congressional Briefing
  • Brookings Session and Journal Re-Examine the Juvenile Justice System

October 6, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 18

  • COSSA Relocates
  • Zerhouni to End Tenure as Director of the National Institutes of Health
  • Continuing Resolutions Keeps Government Agencies Funded
  • NSF Announces Search for New SBE Leader
  • Academy Report Recommends Upgrading HUD’s Policy and Research Office
  • Make the Census Bureau an Independent Agency: Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Former Census Directors Say Yes!
  • Brookings Session Examines New Anti-Poverty Strategies
  • Rural Researchers Look at the Future of Agriculture at the Rural-Urban Interface
  • NSF Seeks Proposals for CDI Competition
  • SRCD Fellowships in Public Policy Available
  • Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships Available

September 22, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 17

  • House Science Panel Examines the Role of SBE Sciences In Public Health
  • House Panel Examines Implementation of the NIH Reform Act Of 2006; NIH Announces SMRB Members
  • With the HIV Epidemic “Far From Over,” A House Committee Discusses Latest Prevention Strategies
  • Senate Judiciary Panel Looks At Crime: Witnesses Call for Increased Federal Research and Data Activities
  • House Judiciary Panel Examines NIH Open Access Policy
  • IES Study Looks at After School Programs
  • Political Scientist Recipient of 2008 NIH Director’s Pioneer Award; Neuropsychologist Receives New Innovator Award
  • Asset Building, Particularly For Women, Focus of Congressional Briefing
  • Applications Wanted for NIH Roadmap Transformative Program

September 8, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 16

  •  Congress Returns for Brief Session Before Election
  •  NSF Report: Continued Decline in R&D Funding in FY 2007
  •  Harold Clarke New NSF Division Director
  •  Academy Report Recommends Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making
  •  PRB 2008 Data Sheet Released: The Demographic Divide Widens
  •  Ready or Not Here They Come: Improving Higher Education Retention and Graduation
  •  More Calls for an Improved Poverty Measure
  •  Applications Wanted: HIV Prevention Programs
  •  Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics II

August 11, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 15

  • Census Director Expresses Concern About Impact of Immigrants’ Fears on 2010 Count
  • Higher Education Act Reauthorization Enacted
  • Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Holds Hearing On The FY 2009 Budget For NIH
  • FY 2009 Senate Appropriations For Agriculture And Rural Development: Corrected
  • Congress Hears About the State of Social Work in America
  • CDC: New HIV Infections Higher Than Previously Estimated
  • Political Science Group Issues Report and Holds Briefing on Global Inequalities
  • NSF Solicits Proposals As Part of Project Minerva
  • NIH Seeks Proposals Using Systems Science Methodologies To Protect and Improve Population Health
  • Fogarty International Research Collaboration – Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • NIDDK Seeks Planning Grants
  • Editor’s Note: Update Takes a Vacation

July 28, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 14

  • FY 2009 Appropriations Process To Resume; Domestic Spending Bills Still Unlikely Until Next Year
  • Senate Panel’s Agriculture Funding Bill Includes Big NRI Increase
  • Revising National Poverty Measure Examined Again
  • House Panel Looks At Defense Language and Cultural Awareness Transformation
  • NIJ Conference Highlights Research On Race And Crime, Corrections, and Mapping
  • Climate Change Report Suggests Negative Impact on Human Health and Welfare
  • CDC Official Discusses Climate Change and Global Health
  • NSF Issues New Solicitation For Science Of Science And Innovation Policy Initiative
  • Research Supplements To Promote Diversity In Health-Related Research Available
  • Research Sought on Careers of Women in Biomedical and Behavioral Science and Engineering
  • Applications Wanted To Study Interventions That Promote Research Careers

July 14, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 13

  • NSF and DOD Sign Memorandum of Understanding
  • Census 2010 Communication Campaign: Solution to Reducing the Undercount
  • CNSF Holds Fourteenth Annual Hill Exhibition
  • NSF Announces New Science and Technology Centers Competition
  • House Passes Bill to Preserve Electronic Messages
  • Fogarty Releases New Strategic Plan
  • OHRP Seeks Comments on Mandatory Training on Human Subjects Protection
  • Alyson Reed New Head of Linguistic Society
  • Skedsvold to Lead Psychology Federation
  • Millennium Promise Awards: Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases Research Training Program
  • Geographic and Contextual Influences on Energy Balance-Related Health Behaviors
  • Aging Institute Seeks Proposals on Social Neuroscience of Aging
  • Integrating Biobehavioral and Sociocultural Research to Prevent HIV Transmission and Infections: Applications Wanted

June 30, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 12

  • FY 2009 Spending Bills Move Through Committees: Face Uncertain Future After Blow-up in House
  • NSF Receives Administration’s Proposed Increase: House Moves Funds from Research to Education: Supports SBE
  • NIH Gets Increase: Appropriators Respond to ‘Crisis’
  • Census Gets Extra Funding from Senate Committee, But Not from House
  • House Panel Bumps Up NCVS, Senate Panel Cuts Social Science from NIJ
  • House and Senate Committees Differ on International Education, Graduate Education, Research and Statistics
  • American Time Use Survey Survives
  • Homeland Security: House Panel More Generous than Senate for Human Factors and University Programs
  • Head of OJJDP Faces Congressional Scrutiny Over Grant Making Decisions
  • National Children’s Study Responds to the NAS Panel Review
  • Has NCLB Made a Difference? Are Advanced Students Left Behind: Some Research Results
  • AHRQ Intends to Fund Health Information Technology Research
  • UNESCO Seeks Papers for Seminar on Sharing Research Agendas
  • Library of Congress Seeks Nominations for Kluge Prize for Study of Humanity

June 16, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 11

  • Congress Begins to Tackle FY 2009 Spending Bills
  • Army Research Office Seeks Research Proposals as Project Minerva Gets Off the Ground
  • NIH Begins Implementation of New Procedures to Enhance Peer Review
  • Congress Enacts Farm Bill Over Bush’s Veto: Changes Made to Research Structure
  • Congress Continues Scrutiny of Census Bureau: Outreach Programs Launched
  • House Panel Examines Nation’s Gang Problem
  • House Homeland Panel Reports Legislation to Codify ‘Controlled Unclassified Information’
  • Poterba Replaces Feldstein as Head of National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Research Libraries’ Association Appoints Lowrey as New Executive Director
  • NIH Searches for new Head of OBBSR

June 2, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 10

  • Congress Ready to Move Federal Spending Legislation
  • 45 Years of NICHD Research Progress on Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities Celebrated on Capitol Hill
  • Genome’s Francis Collins To Step Down; Guttmacher To Be Acting Director
  • NSF’s SRS Division Re-Examines Confidentiality And Privacy
  • 2ND Conference on Interventions to Encourage Minorities to Pursue Research Careers
  • The Condition of Education 2008 Report Released
  • National Advisory Panel Calls for More Research on Math Teaching and Learning
  • Congressional Briefing Examines Lack of Geriatric Care for an Increasing Elderly Population
  • NIH Expands CTSA Consortium
  • Web Discussion of NIH Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization Planned for June 11
  • NIH, AHRQ to Hold 2008 Diabetes and Obesity Disparities In Healthcare Systems Conference
  • Editors Note: Correction

May 19, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 9

  • FY 2008 War Supplemental: Census in Both Bills; Science in Senate Committee Bill; Administration Threatens Veto
  • Nanotechnology Act Renewal Emerges from House Panel
  • Marburger Reflects on Science Policy At AAAS Forum
  • House Science Panel Looks to Legislation to Overcome Gender Bias in Higher Education
  • Administration Issues Memo on Controlled Unclassified Information
  • A Change Is Gonna Come
  • Still Seeking Research and Dissemination Tactics to Improve Education
  • American Academy Awards First Moynihan Prize To Alice Rivlin
  • Howard University Celebrates E. Franklin Frazier
  • NIDA Announces Conference on Blending Science and Treatment
  • Future RFA To Support Women In Biomedical And Behavioral Research

May 5, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 8

  • Social Sciences And The Military: Understanding The Human Terrain, Focus of Joint Committee Hearing
  • NAS Workshop Examines Strengthening the Nation’s Vital Statistics’ System
  • Education Secretary Announces Proposed Regulatory Changes to NCLB
  • Broadening Participation in The Social, Behavioral And Economic Sciences: Third Annual SBE Alliance Conference Held
  • The Impact on Children of Electronic Media Use Focus of Journal and Briefing
  • NOAA Seeks Comments On Incorporating Scientific Uncertainty In Climate Change Decision making
  • NIH Seeks Ideas for Common Fund/Roadmap Trans-NIH Strategic Initiatives
  • NIH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings Available

April 21, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 7

  • Defense Secretary Proposes Closer DOD/University Connections Including More Social Science Research
  • Federal Spending: No News is No News
  • Census 2010 in Crisis Redux; Gutierrez to Senate Again; Supplemental Emergency Funds Sought
  • CDC Discusses Difficulties With Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness
  • Interdisciplinary Research Discussed at Geographers’ Meeting
  • Social Science Research Institutes Organize A New Consortium
  • AHRQ Grant Opportunity To Investigate Implementation of Quality Improvement Strategies
  • Behavioral Medicine Group Joins COSSA

April 7, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 6

  • Commerce Secretary Explains to House Spending Panel the Need for More Dollars for Census 2010
  • Science of Behavior Change Included in Third Cohort of the NIH Common Fund/Roadmap
  • IES Director Looks Back Over His Tenure and the Lessons He Learned
  • COSSA and NCOVR Present Briefing on Violent Crime
  • More From the Enhancing Diversity Retreat
  • Law Schools’ Group Names Susan Prager New Executive Director
  • NIH Issues Request for Comment on its Open Access Policy
  • NHLBI Seeks Input on Translating Discoveries in the Basic Behavioral Sciences

March 24, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 5

  • Silver Delivers Plenary Speech At SSSA Meeting
  • COSSA Organizes Enhancing Diversity in Science Retreat
  • FY 2009 Budget Season Starts In Earnest
  • House and Senate Adopt FY 2009 Budget Resolutions
  • NSF Faces Friendly Spending Subcommittee
  • Health Research Agency Leaders Testify to House Funding Panel
  • OJP Request for Consolidation of Programs Draws Skepticism
  • Spending Panel Hears About Social Science Field Research for National Security
  • Census Bureau Faces Criticism on 2010 Plans from Oversight and Spending Panels
  • Demographic Shifts to Challenge Higher Education System
  • Abrams to Leave OBSSR, Bachrach Designated Acting Director
  • New COSSA Members

March 10, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 4

  • President Releases FY 2009 Budget: Will Congress Pay Any Attention?

February 11, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 3

  • House Passes Extension of Higher Education Act
  • NSF Seeks New Leader for Social And Economic Sciences Division
  • The Future of Education Research
  • Commission on NCLB Pushes Reauthorization
  • NIAAA Advisory Council Hears Update on College Drinking Research
  • Strategies For Promoting Innovative Research Discussed at NIDA Advisory Council Meeting
  • NIH Seeks Research Proposals on Racial and Ethnic Discrimination/Bias Effects on Health Care Delivery
  • Applications Sought for Research Education Grants For Statistical Training In The Genetics of Addiction
  • Proposals Wanted for Alcohol Research Education Project
  • NIDA Seeks to Support Comprehensive Research “Center Of Excellence” Grant Program

January 28, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 2

  • 110 Congress Returns for Second Session
  • House Panel Hears Calls for More Federal Support for Early Childhood Education
  • General Medical Sciences’ Strategic Plan Includes Behavioral/Social Sciences
  • COSSA Members Comment on NIMH’s Strategic Plan
  • National Children’s Study to Add Locations and Centers
  • Molly Broad New President of American Council on Education
  • NIH Seeks Economists for Research Diet, Activity, and Obesity
  • NIMH Seeks Applications for Research Education Grants
  • OBSSR Issues Three Solicitations for Community Participation Research
  • Workshop Participants Sought for Human Dimensions of Global Change Meeting

January 14, 2008, Volume 27 Issue 1

  • Welcome to 2008
  • FY 2008 Appropriations Process Ends with Omnibus Bill; Bush Gets His Way
  • Murdock Confirmed As Census Bureau Director
  • Sedgwick Named OJP Acting Head; Hagy Gets Hearing
  • NAS Panel Assessing NIJ Holds First Meeting
  • OBSSR Releases Strategic Prospectus
  • NIH Issues Revised Public Access Policy
  • New NSF Solicitation: Science of Science and Innovation Policy
  • NIDA Invites Comments on Its Draft Strategic Plan
  • 2007 Human Research Protection Award Recipients Announced
  • NCI Transition Career Development Award To Promote Diversity
  • Applications Wanted to Develop Complex Models of Oral Health Behavior
  • NIH Supplements Grants


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