Washington Update Archive

Volume 26 (2007)

December 10, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 22

  • COSSA Holds Annual Meeting
  • NIH Advisory Committee to The Director Also Hears About Peer Review
  • Results of International Student Assessments Released
  • NIMH Seeks Input on Strategic Plan
  • National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute Announces New Strategic Plan
  • Mississippi State Joins COSSA
  • Editor’s Note

November 19, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 21

  • Appropriations Process Struggles Onward: Labor, HHS, Education Funding Bill Vetoed; Second CR Includes Census Exemption
  • Higher Education Act Renewal Emerges From House Committee
  • First Awards Made, NSF’s Science of Science And Innovation Policy Moves Forward
  • NSF’s Education Directorate Advisory Committee Meets
  • NIH ‘Council of Councils’ Holds Planning Meeting
  • 2008 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award/Pioneer Awards: Applicants Wanted
  • AAAS Briefing Examines Women And Minorities In Higher Education
  • Reducing Highway Accidents Through Human Factors Research
  • Academies’ Report Calls For Meeting The Psychosocial Health Needs of Cancer Patients
  • Government Seeks Comments on Standardized Research Performance Progress Reports
  • International Science Agency Offers Graduate Student Support

November 5, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 20

  • Spending Confrontation At Hand; Labor, HHS, Education Bill On Its Way to President
  • Farm Bill Renewal Emerges From Senate Committee
  • Science Panel Scrutinizes NASA Data Suppression
  • Keith Hall Nominated To Lead BLS
  • Abrams Awarded The 2008 Joseph W. Cullen Memorial Award
  • Economist Gary Becker Wins Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • NIH Seeks Input on Emerging Priorities In Basic Behavioral And Social Sciences Research
  • OHRP Proposes Changes To Expedited Review Criteria
  • New Report Suggests Digital Divide Closing; Access To Technology Spreading
  • NSF Continues To Seek Research Proposals On Data Confidentiality
  • NIH Solicits More Research Proposals Examining ELSI Issues Surrounding Genomic Research

October 22, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 19

  • Senate Passes CJS Appropriations Bill; Conference With House Next
  • Critical Budget Issues Put Census 2010 At Risk
  • House Panel Examines Barriers To Recruitment and Retention of Women Faculty In Science and Engineering Fields
  • House Committee Looks At Hate Crimes and Race-Related Violence
  • Another NAS Panel Calls For More Social Science Research; This Time on Science And Security Issues
  • MacArthur Foundation Launches Law and Neuroscience Project
  • NHGRI Funds New Centers of Excellence In ELSI
  • Academies’ Publication On Encouraging Minorities To Pursue Research Careers Available
  • NIH Seeks Proposals for Programs in Behavioral Treatment

October 8, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 18

  • Congressman Baird Discusses Social Sciences And Congress At HSD Meeting
  • New Fiscal Year Begins: Appropriations Remain Stalled
  • House Science Panel Hears Social/Behavioral Sciences’ Contribution To Energy Challenge
  • The Costs of Mass Incarceration Examined By Congressional Panel
  • National Children’s Study Announces The Selection of 22 New Centers
  • BEA And NSF Estimate R&D Contribution To Gross Domestic Product
  • Department of Health And Human Services Releases Report on Personalized Health Care
  • President’s Cancer Panel Makes Recommendations For Promoting Adoption of Healthy Behaviors
  • NSF Seeks Applications For Multidisciplinary Computational Thinking Initiative
  • Research On Research Integrity: Applications Wanted
  • NIH Institutes Seek Applications For Genomics Research Including Population And ELSI Issues
  • NINDS Seeks Diversity Research Education Grants In Neuroscience

September 24, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 17

  • Report Says U.S. Climate Change Program Needs More Research on Impacts on Humans
  • Psychologist, Sociologist And Statistician Among The Recipients of NIH Pioneer Awards
  • Dissemination And Implementation Research: A ‘Critical, But Still Emerging Area of Science
  • Culture Change: NIH Launches Interdisciplinary Research Consortia
  • NIH Funds Second Round Of CTSAs
  • Human Behavior Important In Military Contexts: More Research Necessary Says NAS Report
  • Brookings Examines New Antipoverty Policies To Help Black Males
  • OHRP Seeks Information And Comments On Research That Involves Adult Individuals With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity

September 10, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 16

  • Congress Returns: Spending Vetoes Loom
  • NSF Examines Proposal and Award Management Situation
  • National Science Board Issues Science Education Plan
  • Weiss New Head of NSF’s Behavioral And Cognitive Science Division
  • NIH Makes First Awards In Genes, Environment and Health Initiative; Data Sharing Policy Announced
  • Mayor Bloomberg Sheds Light on New Poverty Data
  • PRB Releases 2007 World Population Data Sheet: Focus on Malnutrition
  • Lonnie Sherrod to Head Child Development Researchers
  • NICHD Seeks Participants For Interagency School Readiness Consortium
  • Basic And Translational Research Opportunities In The Social Neuroscience of Mental Health

August 6, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 15

  • Congress Passes Competitiveness Legislation: Baird Adds Social Science To NSF Priorities List
  • House Passes CJS Appropriations Bill: Census And NSF Funding Raided
  • Homeland Security Appropriations Passes Senate
  • Agriculture And Rural Development Spending Bill Through House
  • House Passes Farm Bill: New Office to Coordinate Research
  • Blumstein Highlights NIJ Conference; Crime Increase Examined
  • Report Examines Muslims In America: Trying to Fit In
  • Schwetz To Retire from Human Research Protection Office
  • Health Promotion Among Racial And Ethnic Minority Males
  • Editor’s Note

July 23, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 14

  • Congress Pushes FY 2008 Spending Bills; President Threatens Vetoes
  • House Appropriations Committee Forwards CIS Spending Bill To Floor; Census Loses $30 Million
  • House Approves FY 2008 Labor, HHS, Education Funding Bill; NIH Receives Largest Increase In Four Years
  • FY 2008 Agriculture Funding Bills Emerge From House And Senate Panels
  • HUD Policy Research Gets Boost Over FY 2007; House Tells OPDR To Make MTO Info Available To Researchers
  • Senate Examines Cost Of 2010 Count; Coburn Wants Internet Census
  • Girls Missing In Science And Engineering
  • Key National Indicators of Children’s Well-Being 2007 Report Released; Additional Indicators Needed
  • Research Proposals Wanted Regarding Outcomes In Children With Mild To Severe Hearing Loss

July 9, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 13

  • Senate Panel Boosts NSF, Census, Cuts BJS
  • Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Holds Its Sixth And Final Appropriations Hearing For the NIH
  • Science Board Tells NSF To Support More ‘Transformative’ Research
  • Progress Report in for Census Bureau’s LUCA Program
  • Hagy Nominated To Head National Institute of Justice
  • Media Violence And Children: Research vs. the First Amendment
  • Reception Honors Return of Cora Marrett
  • Coalition Holds Exhibition Highlighting NSF-Supported Research
  • Sources of Research Support: Department Of Defense
  • Reducing Health Disparities Among Minority And Underserved Children
  • NIH Seeks Comments on System to Support Biomedical and Behavioral Research
    and Peer Review

June 25, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 12

  • Steven Murdock Nominated To Lead Census Bureau
  • Senate Labor-HHS Committee Reports Spending Bill: Lots of Language About Social/Behavioral Science at NIH
  • Senate Panel Allocates Homeland Security Funds: Human Factors Cut, University Programs Stagnant
  • Senate Committee Reports Higher Education Reauthorization
  • Joint Economic Panel Looks at Work-Family Policies
  • House Panel Examines “Disconnected Youth”
  • Implementation of NIH Reform Act of 2006 Progressing
  • ‘Beyond Bias And Barriers:’ NIH ACD Gets Interim Report From The Working Group on Women In Biomedical Careers
  • Advancing Novel Science In Women’s Health Research: Funding Opportunity

June 11, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 11

  • House Panel Boosts NSF By Ten Percent for FY 2008
  • Homeland Security Spending Bill To House Floor
  • House Appropriations Labor-HHS Subcommittee Approves FY 2008 Spending Bill
  • The Administration Abandons Plans to Replace SIPP
  • House Subcommittee Looks At Immigration Statistics
  • NIH Establishes Working Groups To Examine Peer Review
  • Behavioral And Social Science Research On Understanding And Reducing Health Disparities: Applications Wanted
  • Research On Interventions That Promote Research Careers: Social And Behavioral Scientists Wanted

May 28, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 10

  • Congress Passes FY 2008 Budget Resolution; Appropriations Process Commences
  • Labor HHS Subcommittee Continues Examination of NIH
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences Holds 134th Council Meeting
  • Why Population Aging Matters: A Congressional Briefing
  • The Role of the Federal Government Examined in Rising Crime Rates
  • Replacement Smokers: Are Women Already Under the Influence?
  • The Few, The Proud, The Closeted
  • NAS Workshop: Understanding Interventions That Encourage Minorities To Pursue Research Careers
  • Research Supplements To Promote Diversity In Health-Related Research Available
  • Addressing the Role of Pregnancy in HIV Prevention: Applications Wanted

May 14, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 9

  • NSF Grants Attacked on House Floor; Defunding Amendments Defeated
  • Chronic Disease Research: Focus of Senate Labor, HHS Appropriations Hearing
  • Science Education Programs Need Better Evaluation
  • Nordhaus Discusses Economics of Climate Change; Calls For Improved Data On
  • COSSA Members Announce New Executive Directors: Wasserstein To Statistics;
    Oliver to Linguistics

April 30, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 8

  • COSSA Testifies to House Commerce, Justice, Science Panel
  • NSF Reauthorization Emerges from House Panel; Included in Senate Competitiveness Bill
  • NIH Center for Scientific Review Holds Open House
  • SACHRP Continues Its Examination of the ‘Common Rule’
  • 2010 Census Reengineered: Preparation Underway and on Schedule
  • Findings of In-Depth Survey of Muslim Countries Released
  • NCLB Drops Middle and High Schools Students
  • DBASSE Begins Study of Evidence in Social Science
  • Solutions to Health Disparities Sought
  • Award For Excellence In Human Research Protect: Applications Wanted

April 16, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 7

  • New NSF Education Head Addresses Research Needs
  • Advisory Group On Genetics, Health and Society Issues Report; Expands Its Consideration
  • New Large Study Of Genes, Environment And Disease Needs Attention To Scientific, Social, Economic, And Ethical Perspectives
  • SACGHS Seeks Public Comments On Pharmacogenomics Report
  • SACGHS Discusses Personalized Health Care And Confidentiality, Privacy, And Security Of Health Information Technology
  • National Institutes Of Health’s Behavioral And Social Science Research Funding For FY 2006 -2008
  • Two New NIH Directors Appointed
  • Census Bureau Submits Planned Subjects For 2010 Census and ACS
  • Understanding And Promoting Health Literacy: Research Proposals Wanted

April 2, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 6

  • Zerhouni Appears Before Senate Appropriators; NIH’s Success Rate Is ‘Discouraging
  • New Generations’ Of Scientists
  • Economic Research Service Critical To Public Policy
  • Panel Examines Homeland Security Science And Technology Budget
  • Spending Panel Scrutinizes Justice Offices’ Budgets
  • A Closer Look At NIH Funding Translates Promise Into Progress
  • Surgeon General Wants to End Underage Drinking
  • Academy Report Assesses International Education and Foreign Language Programs
  • Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality For Linked Social and Spatial Data
  • Health Information Technology: The Cure for Health Disparities?

March 19, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 5

  • NSF Faces Supportive Appropriations’ Panels
  • Zerhouni Defends NIH’s Budget; Obey Says Children’s Study Funding Will Continue
  • House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health And Human Services Discusses
  • Substance Abuse
  • Census Explains Big Increase to House Appropriators
  • CDC Budget Scrutinized by House Appropriations Panel
  • House Clears Bill To Overturn Bush Presidential Records Order
  • Strategies for Retaining “Seasoned Workers” Discussed
  • NSF Seeks Proposals on Science of Science And Innovation Policy
  • National Children’s Study Seeks Proposals For New Study Centers
  • NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Program
  • NIH Announces Creation of the NIH Director’s Bridge Award

March 5, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 4

  • Proposed Fiscal Year 2008 Budgets for Social and Behavioral Science

February 12, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 3

  • President Releases FY 2008 Budget Proposal; FY 2007 Appropriations
    Completion Near
  • NSF Budget Increased In FY 2007 And FY 2008
  • NIH Receives $620 Million Increase For FY 2007; Cut In Proposed FY
    2008 Budget
  • Agriculture Research Spending In Flux
  • Census 2010 Ramp Up Continues
  • Jay Waite Named Deputy Director Of The Census Bureau
  • Are We Ringing The Bell Too Early?
  • Public Schools And Social Conflict
  • Drug Abuse, Risky Decision Making And HIV/Aids: Research
    Proposals Wanted
  • Luxembourg Income Study Summer 2007 Workshop

January 29, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 2

  • New Congress Continues Organizing; FY 2007 Funding Completion on the Horizon
  • Statement of Elias A. Zerhouni, NIH Director on the NIH Reform Act of 2006 and Next Steps
  • NIH OPASI Director Selected
  • Brookings Scholar ORSZAG New CBO Director
  • Former COSSA President Wins International Criminology Prize
  • NIH Seeks Research Proposals on Clinical Decision Making in Life-Threatening Illness
  • International Research and Studies Program Solicitation

January 15, 2007, Volume 26 Issue 1

  • Welcome to 2007: 110th Congress Underway
  • NIH: No Inflationary Increase in FY 2007 for Existing Non-Competing
  • NIH Experiencing ‘A Bit of Pain’
  • NIDA Sponsored Survey Finds Teen Drug Use Down
  • Research on Social Work Practice and Concepts in Health
  • Editor’s Note


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