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Volume 25  


 To keep its constituency informed, the Consortium produces a biweekly newsletter, the COSSA Washington Update, that covers:

  • Federal policies and debates relevant to social and behavioral scientists
  • Sources of federal support for research
  • The administration’s funding request for each fiscal year in a special budget issue

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Archived Update


January 16, 2005

Welcome Back

Congress 'wraps Up FY 2006 Spending; Leaves Other Issues to New Year

President Bush Announces Language Initiative

Final FY 2006 Appropriations Chart

Gaps in Social/Behavioral Research in Pandemic Flu Plan


January 30, 2006   (printer friendly version)


Balancing Science and Security in the Post 9/11 Era

Innovation and Competitiveness

Correction to the Appropriations Chart

Former COSSA President to Lead NAS Panel On International Education Programs

Schneider Brings New Leadership to NCES

Summer Institute on the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models

NIH Seeks Pre-applications for Interdisciplinary Research Program 

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February 13 2006      

       Arrow to Receive Nation’s Highest Science Prize

         Bush Names New Head of Justice Data Agency

         Veteran Educator Named USDA REE Undersecretary

         Two Key Higher  Education Groups Get New Leadership

         Election Reform Focus of New Brookings-AEI Project

         Academy Panel Focuses on Data Access

         NIH Program to Help New Researchers

         Non-Medical Issues Research Re: Pharmacogenetics Gain NIGMS Support

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March 20, 2006

Senate Adopts FY 2007 Budget Resolution:  Funding Added For NIH

NIH's Health Disparities Plan:  Inadequate Emphasis on

         Social/Behavioral Sciences

House Science Committee Chairman Announces Retirement

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Budget Hearing:  

         Obesity Among Urgent Realities

The National Academy of Sciences Releases Report on Hispanics in

         the U.S.

OBSSR Celebrates a Decade of Progress and Promise

Victor Rosenblum, Former COSSA President and Long Time Board

         Member, Dies at 80

Opportunities in Spatial Social Science

Summer Training Workshop on African American Aging Research

COSSA Welcomes New Associate Director of Public Affairs

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April 3, 2006

NSF Director:  Economics Research Important to ACI

House Budget Panel Passes Resolution

HEA Renewal Passes

House Science Committee Hearing Focuses On Stem Education

Agricultural Spending Panel Questions Formula Funding

Briefing: Social Science Benefits Policy Makers

New FIC Director Named

Research Programs Accredited

NIH Seeks Research Applications

OBSSR Celebrates


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April 17, 2006

Zerhouni Appears Before House Subcommittee

Cyberinfrastructure In The SBE Sciences

Countdown to The 2010 Census

SBE Head Explains Birth and Death Of Languages

The Economic Burden of Cancer

Grant Opportunities Available:  Drug and Alcohol Prevention

COSSA Welcomes New Staff 

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May 1, 2006

World Is Flat" Author Addresses SBE Advisory Committee

Attacks on Peer Review Discussed At AAAS S&T Policy Forum

Social/ Ethical Concerns Focus of Nanotechnology Conference

Results in Voter Mobilization Research Presented

Methodology and Measurement in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Building Translation Research in Integrative Behavioral Science

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May 15, 2006


Senate Chair Suggests SBE Sciences Might Need Removal from NSF

House Appropriations Panel Begins to Move FY 2007 Spending Bills

NSF Announces New SBE Division Directors

Crime Prevention Symposium Examines Systematic Reviews

MEPS: A Key Resource for Health Policy Research and Data

NCHS Board of Scientific Counselors Convene

NIH Seeks Proposals on Disparities in Health Care Delivery

May 26, 2006

Senators Hutchison and Lautenberg Work Out Compromise Language on NSF Priorities

Senate Appropriators: 'Something Has To Be Done' About NIH Funding

Committee On National Statistics Celebrates 100th Meeting

Consensus Process Report on Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior Released


June 12, 2006

Spending Bills Move Forward in House; Senate About to Begin

Labor, HHS, Educaion Numbers From House Spending Subcommittee

NIH:  An Agency at a 'Crossroads'

Senate Subcommittee Calls for 'Transparency' for the 2010 Census

NSF Coalition Holds Annual Exhibition

SACHGS Seeks Public Input

COSSA Welcomes New Membership


June 26, 2006

House Committee Provides 8.5 Percent Increase for NSF

Minimum Wage Increase Stalls Labor HHS Bill

Senate Joins Appropriation Game: Agriculture Bill Allocations Made

Women and Girls in the Criminal Justice System

NIH and The University of Michigan Continue Partnership

Tobacco Use: Prevention, Cessation, and Control


July 10, 2006

House Passes Science, State, Justice, Commerce Bill; Census Bureau Loses $58.3 million on House Floor

NIH, Congress Celebrate OBSSR’S 10TH Anniversary


July 24, 2006

Senate Committee Finishes Spending Bills: Final Action Not Likely Until After The Election
Senate Panel Completes Action On Labor, HHS, Education Funding
Senate Panel Marks Up Spending Bill: NSF Fine; Census and Justice Agencies Face Cuts
Behavioral Scientists Among NSB Nominees; OSTP Assoc. Director For Sciences Named
No Child Left Behind Explored

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August 7, 2006

Senate L-HHS Committee: NIH ‘Contributes to Economic Vitality of This Nation’

House Appropriators Hold Special Census Hearing/New Data To Be Released

NIGMS Creates Predoctoral Training At The Interface of The Behavioral And Biomedical Sciences Award

National Symposium on Homelessness Research Request for Proposals

Congress Recesses, Update Takes A Hiatus

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