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COSSA Joins Scientific Community in Call for End to Travel Ban

On January 31, COSSA joined over 170 other leading scientific organizations on a letter to the Trump Administration calling for it to rescind its January 27 executive order that placed a hold on legal travel to the for citizens of seven countries. The letter states that the undersigned organizations “are deeply concerned that this Executive Order will have a negative impact on the ability of scientists and engineers in industry and academia to enter, or leave from and return to, the. This will reduce U.S. science and engineering output to the detriment of America and Americans.” The letter is available in full here. Signatures are still being collected. COSSA’s Executive Director, Wendy Naus, discussed some of the potential implications of the Administration’s actions in recent article in the Huffington Post.

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Posted in Issue 3 (February 7), Update, Volume 36 (2017)

NAS Releases New Reports on Immigrants, Forensic Science

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has recently released two noteworthy reports. The first, The Integration of Immigrants into American Society, compiles the available evidence on “how immigrants and their descendants are integrating into American society in a range of areas such as education, occupations, health, and language. The second report, sponsored by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), examined NIJ’s efforts to advance forensic science research and recommend ways to improve its research program. The report, Support for Forensic Science Research: Improving the Scientific Role of the National Institute of Justice, finds, “NIJ has made progress in the past five or six years toward improving its research operations and expanding efforts to build a research infrastructure in forensic science… However, although these improvements are commendable and important, more work is needed to bolster NIJ’s ability to advance forensic science research.”

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Posted in Issue 18 (October 6), Update, Volume 34 (2015)


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