How to Join COSSA

COSSA has four categories of Membership:

Governing Members:  Governing membership in COSSA is intended for associations in the social and behavioral sciences that are comprehensive in scope, are membership societies that represent research scholars, have rotating leadership, and are 501(c)(3) corporations. 
Comprehensive associations have all of the following characteristics:

  1. They are a national association for the discipline or field;
  2. They represent a relatively large number of the professional scholars in their discipline or field directly or indirectly through institutional memberships) as measured by membership, meeting size, or similar indicators; and
  3. They have the resources to act in support of COSSA’s goals and initiatives.

New Governing Members must be voted in by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the associations constituting the membership at the time of invitation.
Governing Members are entitled to two seats on the COSSA Board of Directors, which meets once a year, and one seat on the COSSA Executive Committee, which meets three times a year. Dues for governing members are decided by the Executive Committee and calculated according to the Fair Share Dues Principle, which takes each Governing Members’ total individual members and multiplies by a number (currently $2.27).

Non-Governing Members:   Other organizations interested in supporting the organization may join in one of the following categories:
Membership Organizations – those membership organizations with social/behavioral scientists as members who do not meet the criteria for Governing Member;
Colleges and Universities; or
Research Centers and Institutes – organizations, both on-campus and off-campus, who conduct or use research in the social sciences. 
Non-Governing Members shall not be entitled to vote or to exercise any other powers or rights conferred upon Governing Members.
Dues for Non-Governing Members range from $450 for small Membership Organizations and Research Centers to $3,900 for Universities that receive large amounts of federal funds for social and behavioral research.

Those interested in supporting COSSA’s activities in advancing attention to and federal funding for the social and behavioral sciences by joining should contact:  Howard Silver at