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“Wasteful” Research? Looking Beyond the Abstract

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Huffington Post: Here’s What Happened When A Group Of Scientists Went To Confront Their Congressional Tormentors

COSSA Washington UpdateResearchers Discuss Projects Targeted by Wastebooks at Capitol Hill Poster Exhibition

Psychological Science Agenda: Capitol Hill event brings scientists together with the policymakers who labeled their research “wasteful”

Social Science Space: Public Funding for the Public Good

Social Science Space: D.C. Event Helps Policymakers See Past the Abstract

ASCB: Targeted by Wastebooks, Basic Researchers Fight Back on Capitol Hill

Duke Today: Professor Patek Goes to Washington, Talks Up Research

Genes to Genomes: Policy Points: Wasteful research and Spending Subcommittees

Event Program: “Wasteful” Research? Looking Beyond the Abstract – Congressional Exhibition and Reception  | April 13, 2016

Peer/Merit Review

Richard Nakamura, National Institutes of Health

Alan Tomkins, National Science Foundation

Participating researchers included:

Aletha Akers, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Karen Ingersoll, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Jeff Leips, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Frederick Muench, Northwell Health, New York

Sheila Patek, Duke University

Kimberley Philips, Trinity University

Narayan Sastry, University of Michigan;

David Scholnick, Pacific University, Oregon

Megan Tracy, James Madison University

Joshua Shiode of AAAS provided information on the Golden Goose Awards along with this year’s first announced recipients of the 2016 award for the Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health, recently renamed the Longitudinal Study on Adult Health (Add Health)


CPR / CNSF Congressional Exhibition & Reception 

Photos:  Charles Votow