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Deadline Extended: Call for White Papers: Social and Behavioral Science for National Security

The Board on Behavioral, Cognitive and Sensory Sciences at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is leading a decadal survey to identify opportunities for the social and behavioral sciences to contribute to the analytic responsibilities of the intelligence community. This survey, sponsored by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, includes two separate calls for white papers. The deadline for the current call has been extended to February 15, 2017. This call is seeking input from academics and researchers in the social and behavioral sciences with experience in intelligence and/or insight into the needs and challenges of the intelligence community with respect to the use of social and behavioral science research. Complete instructions can be found here.

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Community Launches the Alliance for Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental Events

The framework for an informal public-private partnership, involving a wide array of partner-stakeholders focused on reducing societal harm from extreme environmental events, was announced today, Jan. 24, 2017, during the Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Seattle, Washington.

Known as The Alliance for Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental Events, this community-initiated and community-governed framework will bring together a broad group of collaborators– including researchers, operational practitioners, federal agencies including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, non-profit organizations, philanthropists and entrepreneurs – to improve holistic understanding, prediction of and response to severe and hazardous weather. In addition, the Alliance will facilitate interdisciplinary research, and its associated transition to practice, in ways that advance the community’s collective agenda.

The Alliance was crafted in response to multiple community recommendations, particularly those made in response to several community workshops focused on integrating meteorology with social and behavioral sciences. The guiding plan for the Alliance was developed as a community-wide activity led by a “writing team,” drawn from the international community of researchers and practitioners across a diverse array of disciplines. A volunteer steering committee will oversee the Alliance, and a small paid professional staff will provide day-to-day management.

“The strength of the Alliance lies in its philosophy of serving as an organizing mechanism to bring sectors, organizations and individuals together to work in an integrative fashion; in its emphasis on rapidly translating outcomes into operational practice, in its community-based governance, and in its emphasis on supporting activities that provide practical benefits for addressing needs that heretofore have gone unmet,” explained Kelvin Droegemeier, Vice President for Research at the University of Oklahoma and one of the Alliance organizers.

The Alliance is being initiated by a $3 million private gift from ImpactWX, a private social impact fund based in Toronto, Canada, with the expectation that the Alliance will obtain additional, long-term funding from a wide array of sources for a true multi-sector partnership.

More details can be found at the Alliance web site:

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Funding Opportunity Announcements

  • NCI/NBIB: NCI Perception and Cognition Research to Inform Cancer Image Interpretation (R21) (PAR-17-124), (R01) (PAR-17-125)
  • NCI: Reducing Overscreening for Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancers among Older Adults (R21) (PA-17-109), (R01) (PA-17-110)
  • NIA: Development of Socially-Assistive Robots (SARs) to Engage Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and AD-Related Dementias (ADRD), and their Caregivers (R41/R42) (PAR-17-107), (R43/R44) (PAR-17-108)
  • NIA: Juvenile Protective Factors and Their Effects on Aging (R01) (PAR-17-126), (R03) (PAR-17-127)
  • NIDA/NIAAA: Basic Mechanisms of Brain Development Mediating Substance Use and Dependence (R01) (PA-17-119)
  • NIDA: Neuroscience Research on Drug Abuse (R01) (PA-17-111), (R21) (PA-17-112)
  • NIDA: NIDA Core “Center of Excellence” Grant Program (P30) (PAR-17-121)
  • NIH: Notice of Change to Funding Opportunity Announcement PA-17-098 “Administrative Supplements for Research on Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Populations (Admin Supp)” (NOT-OD-17-036)
  • NIMH: Strengthening the HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Care Continuum through Behavioral, Social, and Implementation Science (R21) (PA-17-103), (R01) (PA-17-104)
  • NIMH: Targeted basic behavioral and social science and intervention development for HIV prevention and care (R21) (PA-17-105), (R01) (PA-17-106)
  • NIMHD/NIAAA/NIDA: Health Services Research on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R01) (PAR-16-221), (R21) (PAR-16-222)
  • NINDS: NINDS Exploratory Clinical Trials (R01) (PAR-17-122)
  • NINDS: Research Program Award (R35) (RFA-NS-17-020)
  • NINR/NIDCD: Reducing Health Disparities Among Minority and Underserved Children (R21) (PA-17-117), (R01) (PA-17-118)
  • NINR: Chronic Condition Self-Management in Children and Adolescents (R21) (PA-17-116), (R01) (PA-17-115)

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Events Calendar

A list of COSSA members’ annual meetings and other events can be found on the COSSA events page. COSSA members who have an upcoming event they would like to see listed in the Events Calendar and on our website should send an email to

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