Beyond Dialogue: What We Can Do about Race and the Police, Joshua DuBois, National Journal, September 6, 2014

“Unfortunately, even though it has become clear that research on bias has important policy implications, public funding for such research is in short supply—and could become even more difficult to obtain. Recently, House Republicans, led by Lamar Smith of Texas and Larry Bucshon of Indiana, have proposed dramatic reductions to social-science research supported by the National Science Foundation (which funds implicit-bias research). Bucshon’s bill would cut social-science research by 40 percent, even though behavioral and social sciences are now less than 4 percent of the overall NSF budget. According to Wendy Naus, executive director of the Consortium of Social Science Associations, “it is already such a tiny amount of funding that any cuts would have huge implications for [social-science] research.’”