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The Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA) is an advocacy organization that promotes attention to and Federal funding for the social and behavioral sciences. It serves as a bridge between the academic research community and the Washington policymaking community. Its members consist of more than 100 professional associations, scientific societies, universities, and research centers and institutes. In its many activities, COSSA:

  • Represents the needs and interests of social and behavioral scientists;
  • Educates federal officials about social and behavioral science;
  • Informs the science community about relevant federal policies;
  • and Cooperates with other science and education groups in pursuit of common goals.

COSSA works with federal agencies and with the relevant congressional committees and offices to explain the importance of social and behavioral sciences toAmerica’s economic and national security.Many advocacy activities are conducted through coalitions. COSSA has not only participated actively in these groups, but, has and continues to, serve in leadership positions. Its Executive Director has served as the chair of the Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF) and its Deputy Director co-chairs the Coalition to Promote Research (CPR) and the Coalition for the Advancement for Health Through Behavioral and Social Science Research (CAHT-BSSR). COSSA also leads the Collaborative for Enhancing Diversity in Science (CEDS).

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COSSA Washington UpdateCOSSA Washington Update

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April 21, 2014 Volume 33 Issue 7

  • Senators Urge $7.5 Billion for NSF in FY 2015
  • House Appropriations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Agricultural Research
  • Kaplan to Leave OBSSR for AHRQ; Riley of NCI to Serve as Acting Director
  • Scientific Advisory Committee Discusses Progress in Planning 2020 Decennial Census
  • Social and Behavioral Scientists among Presidential Early Career Award Recipients
  • Cynthia Clark to Retire as NASS Administrator
  • New NCHS Estimates on Problems Paying Medical Bills
  • CNSF Capitol Hill Exhibition & Reception - May 7
  • DBASSE Lecture, 21st Century Inequality: Does Discrimination Still Matter? - April 29
  • DBASSE Seeks Director for Board on Human-Systems Integration
  • IES Releases FY 2015 Funding Announcements for Education Research
  • NIJ Releases New Solicitation for Social Science Research on Implementation, Dissemination, and Translation
  • NIJ Releases Dear Colleague Letter on Comprehensive School Safety Initiative
  • AAPSS Lecture: Inequality in America: A Policy Agenda for a Stronger Future - May 8
  • COSSA Weighs in on Ongoing FIRST Act Debate

April 7, 2014 Volume 33 Issue 6

  • COSSA's Analysis of the President's FY 2015 Budget Request for Social and Behavioral Science
  • Obama Science Advisor, Science Committee Members Defend Social and Behavioral Science at House Hearing
  • NIH Officials Testify Before House Appropriations Subcommittee; Social and Behavioral Science Research Discussed
  • Senator Harkin Chairs Last NIH Hearing; Laments the Agency's Funding Status
  • More than 130 House Members Request $7.5 Billion for NSF in FY 2015
  • France Cordova Sworn in as NSF Director; Next SBE Assistant Director Named
  • AAAS Congressional Briefing: R&D Spending in the FY 2015 Budget Request
  • NSF Issues Dear Colleague on Youth Violence Research

Archived Update

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COSSA Members' 2014 Annual Meetings

American Historical Association

January 2 - 5, Washingon, DC

Linguistic Society of America

January 2 - 5, Minneapolis, MN 

American Economics Association

January 3 - 5, Philadelphia, PA

Midwest Political Science Association

April 3 -6, Chicago, IL

American Educational Research Association

April 3 -7, Philadelphia, PA

Association of American Geographers

April 8 - 12, Tampa, FL

Population Association of America

May 1 - 3, Boston, MA

American Association for Public Opinion Research

May 15 -18, Anaheim, CA

Law and Society Association

May 29 - June 1, Minneapolis, MN

Rural Sociological Society

July 30 to August 3, New Orleans, LA

American Statistical Association

August 2 - 7, Boston, MA

American Psychological Association

Auguast 7 - 10, Washington, DC

American Sociological Association

August 16 - 19, San Francisco, CA

Amerian Political Science Association

August 28 - 31, Washington, DC

American Society of Criminology

November 19 - 22, San Francisco, CA

National Communication Association

November 20 - 23, Chicago, IL

American Anthropological Association

December 3 -7, Washington, DC

Society for Research in Child Development (Biennial)

March 19 - 21, 2015, Philadelphia, PA


COSSA Led Coalitions

Coalition to Promote Research

Coalition for the Advancemen of Health Through Behavioral and Social Sciences Resarch

Collaborative for Enhancing Diversity in Science

Newly Released Report from the National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation-Funded Social Science Research Directly Benefits Americans (download report)

COSSA Executive Director FY 2014 Testimony on behalf of theNational Science Foundation, National Institute of Justice,and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (Testimony)

National Organizations and Universities Oppose
NIH Economic Research Ban (Press Release; Letters to Congress)

Members of Congress Tell NIH Director to Continue Funding of Social, Behavioral and Economics Research (Letter)

COSSA Submits Testimony on Behalf the American Coummunity Survey

Collaborative for Enhancing Diversity in Science (CEDS) Holds Workshop to Develop Metrics for Enhancing Diversity in Science

Summary Report


Human Subjects Protection

Social and Behavioral Science White Paper on Advance Notice for Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM)

COSSA and 21 research associations representing more than 350,000 members provided the following social and behavioral science (SBS) white paper in response to the ANPRM requesting comments regarding current regulations for the protecting human subjects in research, as set forth in 45CFR46, Subpart A (the “Common Rule”).  

Download Paper (PDF)




Social Science

What's New

Senator Elizabeth Warren  at COSSA's 2013 Annual Meeting

Senator Elizabeth Warren

"Put simply, if we want to make sound choices for the future-- choices that are based on facts and science, not assertions and assumptions-- choices that will actually solve our most pressing problems, and not just make us feel good about doing something-- we need research in economics, law, education, sociology. Otherwise, we just doing some very expensive guessing." - Senator Warren - Remarks at COSSA's 2013 Colloquium on Social and Behavioral Science and Public Policy: Societal, Technological, and Scientific Changes


Protecting the SBE Sciences at the National Science Foundation More

Take Action - Tell Congress to Oppose the FIRST Act!

Tell your Representative to object to the FIRST Act’s massive cuts to social science and other restrictions on NSF, which will decimate federal support for critical programs and undermine the merit review process. Subscribe to COSSA's alerts

COSSA Letter to Chairwoman Johnson regarding the FIRST Act

COSSA Letter to Rep. Lipinski regarding the FIRST Act

COSSA Letter to House Subcommittee regarding the FIRST Act

CNSF Letter on FIRST Bill

AAU Statement on Introduction of FIRST Act

Interorganizational Letter to Chairman Lamar Smith on SBE Research

Statement by AAU Executive Committee On Support For The Social And Behavioral Sciences

Why Social Science Research Matters -Michael S. Lubell (Commentary-Roll Call)

Budget Cuts and the Politics of Research - Sandra Hoffert (Baltimore Sun)

Political Science Research Offers Better Democracy - Robert Putnam (Politco)

Defunding SBE - Richard Lempert

The Congressional War on the Social Sciences - Kenneth Prewitt

Is Any Science Safe - Kenneth Prewitt (Science Editoral - 3 MAY 2013 )

General Principles Regarding Federal Support for Basic Scientific Research

Congressional Briefings More

March 24 - Understanding the Connection: Criminology, Research, and Policy - Invitation

Congressional Briefing - Understanding the Connection

September 25 - What's Ailing America? -- Shorter Lives, Poorer Health (Invitation)

July 31 - NIH 101: An Introduction to the Nation's Medical Research Agency (Read more)

NIH 101: Former NIH OER Director Wendy Baldwin Provides Briefing to Congressional Staff - (Read more)

June 20 - Rural Aging in America: 21st Century Trends (more)

COSSA Congressional Briefing Discusses Aging in Rural AmericaPresentations

June 6 - Innovative Strategies for Building a Diverse Scientific Workforce (more)


April 25th - Social Science Research on Disasters: Communication, Resilience, and Consequences

A Congressional Briefing sponsored by the Coalition for National Science Foundation (CNSF) in conjunction with the House Research and Development Caucus and organized by COSSA Presentations

Social Science Research on Diasters:  Communication, Resilience, and Consequences


April 12th -- Economics Research: Saving Lives and Money

Capitol Hill Briefing Discusses the Contributions of Economics Research to Health

February 1 -Immigration and Foreign-Born Workforce in the United States

More, including presentations and webcast via Population Association of America's website.