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Coalition to Promote ResearchCOSSA co-leads the Coalition to Promote Research (CPR), a coalition of national organizations committed to promoting public health, innovation, and fundamental knowledge through scientific research. The organizations represent hundreds of thousands of scientists, physicians, health care providers, and patients who support federal investments in basic and applied biomedical and behavioral research.

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Sen. Flake responds to CPR co-chair about federal research funding

Recorded exchange captures controversy over “wastebooks”

Flake2At the press conference, Pat Kobor of the American Psychological Association’s Science Government Relations Office and CPR co-chair, raised the concern that such wastebooks misrepresent the research supported by the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies.  Together, Kobor’s comments and Flake’s response (see video) capture much of the current debate surrounding wastebooks – a debate that may become more heated as Congress and the new administration proceed with budget deliberations this year.  Watch the video. (Source: APA Science Government Relations News Update)

Setting the Record Straight on “Wasteful Research”
— Monkeys on a Treadmill? A Conversation with Dr. Kimberley Phillips


Was a Senator’s Report on Waste in Federal Science Grants More Wasteful Than the Research Itself?Government Executive 

“Wasteful” Research? Looking Beyond the Abstract

program coversponsorsHuffington Post: Here’s What Happened When A Group Of Scientists Went To Confront Their Congressional Tormentors

Psychological Science Agenda: Capitol Hill event brings scientists together with the policymakers who labeled their research “wasteful”

COSSA Washington UpdateResearchers Discuss Projects Targeted by Wastebooks at Capitol Hill Poster Exhibition

Event Program: “Wasteful” Research? Looking Beyond the Abstract – Congressional Exhibition and Reception  | April 13, 2016

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NIH101-CongressionalBriefingInvite2-27-15_Page_1September 22, 2015, Congressional Briefing – NIH  Priority September 22 CPR posterSetting:  How Peer Review Assists the NIH in Selecting the Best Science   | more

February 27, 2015, Congressional Briefing –  NIH 101: Peer Review & Priority Setting | slide presentationmore

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